Enough Already!

When the goal is owning a pet, and there’s a willingness to do whatever it takes to get one, achieving said goal should be enough.

Is anything ever enough?

Syd wanted a dog for years and was able to buy one this summer. A labrador puppy with enough energy and personality to satisfy the pickiest of dog owners. Enough doggie needs to keep her busy.

John and I watched the grands this weekend And the dogs. We got a taste of enough canine.

Aspen at four months chews everything within mouth reach. Also, for three weeks, the family is dog sitting  a Golden Doodle, Murphy, who is older and bigger, with serious gas issues and a preponderance of slobber. Enough.

When I’m with the kids, I enjoy taking them to Petland hold, pet and play with as many animals as possible. We dream about what dog we want.

Old habits are hard to break. The first puppy we spent cubicle time with was a husky. Beautiful blue eyes and curious. With huge paws, she wasn’t going to stay small long.

The second try-on pup was a pomsky–a cross between a pomeranian and a husky. Blue eyes like the husky parent, but little like the pom. A sweet little lap dog that won’t get any bigger than fifteen pounds.

Syd encouraged me to buy the little pomsky. “You so need a dog, Nana. Papa travels so much.”

Yeah. He does. But if I were to get another dog in the way I’d done in the past–somewhat subversive; always while he was out of town–I’d be the one in the doghouse.

This wasn’t about John. It was about Syd wanting another dog. A smaller puppy.

“How many dogs would you like to have, Syd?”

“A lot.”

Dogs are a lot of work. Costly–you have to feed the little buggers. Then there are the vet bills and pills for fleas, ticks and anything else that wants to live on your dog that you don’t want living in your house.

But having a dog, experiencing his faithful love, even as he chewed her mom’s Birkenstocks, was Syd’s sweet experience.

If one is good, wouldn’t two be great? They’d keep each other company. Live-in playmates. Who needs a dog park?

It’s a great thought. All it would take to break her of it is picking up mounds of dog poop from their back yard for awhile.

Wait. She’s doing that now as they dog sit Murphy. Piles of the poop.

When is enough enough?

Life is the constant challenge of balancing enough. More always seems better. More money. More free time. More opportunities. More friends.

Will I ever be satisfied with what I have?

Jesus tells me He is my enough. Enough for my true heart needs. Someone who loves me unconditionally, accepts me freely, forgives me completely. He cares for the real me like no one else can.

Stuff wears out. Money can’t buy happiness or fulfillment. Friends will let me down.

Jesus promises to never leave me. Always love me.

That’s an unlimited enough that I can sink my teeth into.






2 responses to “Enough Already!”

    1. Dogs are God’s gift to remind us that unconditional love does exist–in God and dogs!


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