Did It Make A Difference We Were Here?

The conference ended. All that was needed was to wrap up final details. Pack it all up.

And leave.

All that was needed? Packing up the stuff and clutter of thousands of people is no small task. Preparation had lasted weeks, getting final details just right. Working and reworking specifics.

Only to pack it up in two days.

It felt overwhelming.

People were amazing in their commitment to one another to finish well. To make the end as good as the beginning had been.

I had a variety of duties to offer to the familial corporate whole. Grands were running in and out of the apartment. I tried to figure how to feed the crowds with the last remnants in the refrigerator. (Gave up on that; we ordered out.)

Laundry. Loads and loads of it.

This is a first-world problem. I have a washer and dryer right off my kitchen at home. I can wash things when it’s convenient for me without having to organize my day around laundry.

In the apartments, I go down fifteen steps, carrying dirty clothes, detergent, the means to make the transaction (credit card), and walk around a couple of buildings to get to the laundry room. It always takes more than one trip to get all the clothes down there. You put them in, set the machines, leave for thirty minutes, walk back to the apartment, up fifteen more stairs, and return to put them in the dryer.

In the last couple of days I’ve done close to twenty loads of laundry. For two apartments. It’s what I can do to help out.

Everyone has been busy. Our family members have been working twelve hour days. Everyone’s dragging and hoping beyond hope they won’t get the bug that’s wreaking havoc on the intestinal integrity of so many that have been out here.

Tents had to be torn down. Tools, files, printers, computers had to be boxed up to be shipped back to Orlando. Furniture had to be distributed, stored or sold. Miles of cables had to be rolled up.

By the end of Wednesday, walking around campus, you’d hardly know we were ever here.

How is it possible that so much hoopla left so little indication that anything had happened?

Most of us go through life wanting to make a difference. Wanting to be remembered in some way for the things we accomplished or the people we impacted.

That it mattered that we lived.

For most, it won’t be flashy things that put us on the map. It’ll be the quiet, consistent, character-driven acts that will leave an impression.

Jesus was like that. He spent much of His time in small towns with men and women of little education. He didn’t go to the movers and shakers of His day. He spent His time with the poor, the sick, the despised.

Not people that would put Him on society’s posh list.

He lived a life consistent with what He said. Never a hypocrite. He spoke, lived and died for the truth.

And rose from the dead to prove His ultimate truth.

2,100 years later, He’s still making a difference.

That’s an impact you have to consider.







6 responses to “Did It Make A Difference We Were Here?”

  1. Such a great connection! It’s funny thinking about the impact of this whole operation and how significant it is, yet it gets picked up and put away to such a degree, no Ram or Aggie would ever know we were there. But the impact lives on in the thousands of folks who have since scattered around the states and the globe!! Amen to that kind of impact Jesus is still having thousands of years after his Jesus00 conf


    1. Sad yet real. Makes me wonder how, being who I am, who we all are, how we think about what we’re leaving as our impact. Not rushing. Not getting bothered by folks who don’t always get it. Focusing on folks. Not policy!

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  2. Alice Fredricks Avatar
    Alice Fredricks

    Thank you, Dayle, for being a part of making this all a success. We have come away inspired to serve the Lord afresh with new vision! All that hassle has blessed us and we are very grateful!


    1. Thank you so much, Allie. Your encouragement means more than you know. I wish we’d had more time!


  3. We (vaguely) remember those ‘packing up’ days….and your included photo….not the same apartment, surely not! Random question – did Jesus do HIs own laundry – new thought! Thanks for making precious time for us in the midst of your wonderful and busy life!


    1. Are you kidding? Having you all there was a highlight. A truly gracious gift from a truly loving God. I only wish it had been longer. Miss you guys already. Did Jesus do His own laundry? I wouldn’t be surprised if He did. He wasn’t above helping out with what needed to be done. And He’d have done it with a smile and probably a joke about clothes stuck between two rocks and it not being a hard place.


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