Celebrating Is More Than Just A Party

Nothing like a great party to decompress folks so they can have a little fun. Big or little, a party atmosphere puts a smile on most faces.

We had both big and little this week.

Sloane turned one. Coming from an old school mentality, I thought a birthday cake with some family around was about as much as a one-year-old would want.

I was so wrong.

Melody and Chris went all out. Flower crowns for the little girls. Banners declaring Sloane’s day. A huge cake for the fifty or so folks who came.

And a smash cake.

I’d heard of the phenomena. I’d never experienced it. A small, well-decorated cake is given to the birthday child to do with as they please. Parents encourage going in head first, smashing it with their hands, smearing it on their faces.

The photo op everyone waits for.

Sloane played to the crowd. She grinned and giggled and ate sugar. More sugar than she’d ever eaten before. She accommodated her parents by squishing and mashing the cake everywhere.

She provided the crowd with laughs to relax everyone.

It was a wonderful celebration.

Two days later, we celebrated Independence Day. A national holiday that recognizes what we’ve been through as a country to be an independent nation. A smash cake of people, so to speak, from all over the world who yearn for freedom.

When we’re in Ft. Collins, we have a parade where kids of all ages dress up and decorate their bikes, trikes and strollers to be as patriotic as possible.

They’re judged on creativity.

Parents are heavily involved.

Isley wanted to enter–the only grand who was willing to put in the effort. The thought process was a coming together of family minds. Melody hit on the best idea.

Where everyone else was doing Uncle Sam or flags galore, Isley would be Mount Rushmore. With her head filling in the space of Abraham Lincoln.

She won.

First place was two certificates–one marked her stellar win, the other entitled her to ice cream.

It was a wonderful celebration.

Two opportunities to remember special occasions. One personal. One national.

In a world where so many things are going wrong–terrorism, racial fear, financial woes, political unrest–we all need opportunities to celebrate the wonders of life. The things we’re grateful for. The small joys that make us smile and remind us that there are some really good things happening this side of heaven.

What surprises many is how much Jesus celebrates us. His whole reason for coming to earth, suffering the cross and rising from the dead was to offer us a chance to draw closer to God. To have the relationship that began in the Garden of Eden restored.

He enjoys us. Not because He’s forced to. It’s not part of a job description. Not an unrealistic expectation. He enjoys us because He loves us well.

He celebrates us as those He greatly loves. He cherishes us as His family. He’s chosen us to be His eternally.

If we choose to engage in a relationship with Him.

This is celebrating for the long haul. The eternal party.

Doesn’t that change everything?





2 responses to “Celebrating Is More Than Just A Party”

  1. Yay for a great party! So fun to read and see the photos… and remember how much God “parties” over us. Thanks for the loving, joyful reminder today!


    1. Ter, when are we going to party together? Thanks for being a source of constant encouragement, my friend!


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