When Sharing Looks Snotty

“I’b god such a code. My dose is plugged ub ad I can’t stob sneezing.”

My response when asked how I was feeling.

The traveling crud has arrived.

Every two years when we come out to Ft. Collins for our conference, the traveling crud joins us.

It’s never had an open invitation to be a part of our group. It typically begins in the children’s area. Where folks leave their kids for the better part of the day. It’s a fun place for the little ones. Provided because parents are here for work, taking classes, preparing for our huge conference in July. Everyone’s busy.

Staying home with a child who’s got a cold makes no sense. What’s a little runny nose among friends? Everyone works through a cold.

What’s a few sniffles?

Until your neighbor’s child brings it into their apartment. And the counselors who take care of the kids bring it into their living situation.

Then we’re going through tissues and cough drops like we’ve invested in the companies.

I’ve fallen prey to the crud. The grands had it first. Living in close quarters, most of us are now getting it. It’s part of what happens out here.

The creeping crud is worse. Where traveling crud clogs your head and makes your nose red, creeping crud affects other body functions. Which causes eruptions from both ends. Not pretty. You can live with the traveling variety; creeping crud puts you in bed.

It, too, has begun.

We do everything we can to avoid the worst of it. Short of barricading our door and not letting anyone in–or out–we’ll be exposed to what’s around us. Friendly little germs that want to be our friends. Share their good will and nasty effects.

Two of my daughters are huge essential oils buffs. There’s a product called Thieves that’s supposed to steal away the germs from the atmosphere as it diffuses into a room.

It smells great. It might help. The diffuser has become an object of interest for the littles because it’s set at their eye level and blows out fun-smelling air.

Another adjustment.

We’ll all get over this. Eventually. The effects of both cruds aren’t forever. They’re inconveniences, especially when I’m busy.

We’re exposed to a lot of things in our lives, many of which are as unsavory as the cruds. Things we don’t want our kids to see or be involved in. Things we want to stay away from because we know our emotional immunity is low and we may not have the capacity to make good choices.

When we have Jesus, He gives us the strength and wisdom to make the better choices. To assess what we encounter and decide if we want to let it affect us.

Jesus provides perspective and power.

We can’t always choose our situations.

We can choose our attitude, no matter what our circumstances. Whatever we’re exposed to, we can determine how we’ll let it affect us. In a way that’s right and honors who we’re made to be. Or throwing caution to the wind and not caring.

Crud doesn’t have to have the upper hand.





3 responses to “When Sharing Looks Snotty”

  1. feel better friend. neither crud sounds fun. good to have perspective in the midst of it.


    1. Perspective is one thing. Following through on perspective is another. It’s a crazy town here.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can only imagine. ❤️ you


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