What Eggsactly Are You Looking For?

photo by Aaron Burden


I’ve deep convictions about the significant spiritual truths of Easter. I’ve found for myself that the empty tomb has been the promise of life and hope. Heaven is my guarantee because of Jesus’ gift for me.

Theology aside, with Easter, there must be eggs.

Colored eggs. Eggs filled with candy. Hidden eggs.

I don’t know how eggs became associated with the Resurrection, but they’ve historically meant new life. Which is what we have in Jesus.

Colored eggs are a tradition. As children, we looked for Easter eggs before church. Dad had his typical hiding spots. Every year, he’d manage to find a new place to keep us on our toes.

Now we’re doing it for the grands.

We filled almost 150 eggs with jelly beans and chocolate. Hid them downstairs, using various degrees of difficulty in hiding so each of the kids would have a little challenge.

Ryken, at two, requires eye-level ease. Low to the ground. Must be distinguishable from the surroundings

Six-year-old Isley is more intuitive and looks in things rather than just at things. She sees more than her brother but is also vertically limited

Teagan and Syd are old enough to look in the hard places. Climbing is essential and poking at things is necessary. They find the hard-to-see eggs that take true ferreting out.

Ethan is old enough to help stuff and hide eggs. He knows how his siblings think, and he knows what it will take to confound them and not frustrate them.

I watched as the kids scampered around the house. The call of sugar from those brightly colored plastic eggs was persistent. It didn’t matter what their age–the joy of discovery was equally great.

Candy brings grins.

What it made me realize was how much discovering truth about Jesus and the real Easter is like an egg hunt.

Most people want to know if this life is it. There’s a sense of something greater than us. We live in a vast universe with galaxies stretching for miles beyond comprehension. Our smallness in light of such magnitude makes many question who we are in all of this. How is it here? Why are we here?

It’s not hard to think in terms of a Divine Being, God, in this mix. An Intelligent Designer. Causing all this to work. Allowing it to be maintained.

We look for Him. Some are genuinely open and search without guile. Seeing the reality of God in every day and accepting that He is. Those are the ones who see Him easily. Not hidden.

There are others who have more questions, more doubts. God doesn’t make sense because the world doesn’t make sense. But they look honestly and find that He’s not hiding from them.

Some have serious issues of pain and suffering. They wonder how a good God could allow pain. They don’t want any Higher Being in control of their lives. They’ll look for what they want to believe about God, but only if He fits their structure. More difficult, higher, harder to grasp.

No matter how we look and whatever parameters we put on the search, He can be found. By anyone. There is no issue He won’t help us deal with.

If we look for Jesus, we will find Him.

That’s eggsactly what Easter is about.




4 responses to “What Eggsactly Are You Looking For?”

  1. So much truth to this!! I love how you connected this together. And “eggsactly” – you went there. Gave me a good chuckle 😂


    1. Thanks, Ames. It’s the beauty and wonder of Easter mixed with too many jelly beans!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting perspective, Dayle. Sharing.


    1. Thanks, Ter! That means a lot coming from someone I really respect!


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