Bunnies In My Brain

Photo by Waranya Mooldee

I’ve been a rabbit trailer since I was little.

I don’t follow them. I tend to race down paths only bunnies would wander.

In conversations, I can pursue a variety of topics at any given moment. Then switch it up midstream. Often hard to follow.

I usually know what I’m talking about. I’ve been known to lose my point partway through a story or sentence. I’ll stop talking. Feel a little peculiar as I look at the strange expressions on faces of people around me.

I become Dorie, the little blue fish with the short-term memory issues. I smile and just keep swimming.

It’s not all bad. I laugh at a lot of silly jokes because I so easily grasp nonsense. I’m really good about enjoying the moment because I don’t think about what I don’t see. Who I’m not with. I’m also quite adaptable in most situations–I need to make up what I’m doing on the fly.

Yes, I’m easily distracted. I lack sufficient sleep, and there’s always too much on my mind.

I’m also a verbal processor. I better understand what I’m thinking if I have the chance to talk about it with someone else. There’s something in hearing my spoken thought processes that solidifies what I’m thinking. What’s really in my head.

If I get to the end of the day and haven’t had time to do a brain dump, where I talk out what’s been going on or what I’m thinking, it’s hard to turn off my news feed. Pictures parade through my head like the Jumbotron in Times Square. It lacks audio, but my mind fills words in rather easily.

The pictures make it hard to sleep. My mind wanders paths I walked that day–but with quite a bit of skewing. If I spent the day coaching women and working with folks on assessments to help them better understand their life stories, what I’ll have in my head are pictures of me talking with a group of chickens–because I happened to make baked chicken breasts for dinner.


It’s the same type of thinking many use to try to explain God, heaven or Jesus. The process doesn’t make sense because it’s not grounded in any truth. They take bits of what they want to believe from here, there and everywhere, trying to make a theology out of illogic. Or what makes them feel good.

God is not a strange rabbit trail to be followed. He is Truth. His existence is proven by the intricacies of all of creation. The complexity of a single eyeball is too great to assume it happened by chance.

More significantly, there’s the issue of the empty tomb. Medical experts have explained how Jesus, who’d been beaten till He wasn’t recognizable, didn’t merely faint on the cross. He died. Was buried. And rose again three days later.

Everyone on earth will have to figure out what to do with His truth one day.

Easter will soon be here. A celebration of God’s gift to mankind of restoration and redemption. It’s not difficult to understand.

It’s no rabbit trail, either.

What trail will you follow?

Photo by Daniel Watson




2 responses to “Bunnies In My Brain”

  1. Karen Shoemaker Avatar
    Karen Shoemaker

    Ok Dayle . The bunnies called out my name – I love them!- and drew me in. Your self description brought laughter to my soul -I needed that. And the ending was a good description or correlation to how people struggle with the truth. Thanks for your words today.


    1. Oh, Mrs. Shoe, I so love you! Thanks for reading–and especially for being my friend. It means more than you know Orlando IS calling, you know.


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