Do I Have The Write Stuff?


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I’m at a writers’ conference. A dream I’ve had for awhile.

I’m scared half out of my mind.

There are agents here, looking for new talent to snap up. Publishers seeking new books to acquire. Authors who’ve been there, done that and have the published books and contracts to prove it.

What am I doing here?

I’ve been writing since I was a kid. Stories. Poems. Many were outlandish leaps of imagination. Some merely snapshots from my world. Reading and writing have been outlets for me. Chances to step away from reality.

This conference is a logical next step. I’ve been working on a book for some time. Three of them, actually. A children’s book about heroes that grew from a title my son created. A fantasy based on a script that’s been playing out in my head. And a non-fiction book which stemmed from a comment Debbie made in the fourth grade.

Inspiration comes in many guises.

I’ve become more comfortable with my writing. I’ve learned a lot in the last year. Became a member of an online guild where folks could submit one page of their manuscript and get it critiqued and tightened.

Without having to have anyone look at you. No fears of seeing dissatisfied faces or “I could have done better than that” expressions.

So why am I here, where everyone is seeing me and my work?

Writing is a lot like giving birth. (Take my word for it, men.) You work for nine plus months, doing everything you can to produce the healthiest baby possible. And when that child is born, imagine everyone critiquing your baby. “Kind of a conehead, isn’t he?” “Why’s she so wrinkled?” “I’m sure she’ll pretty up in a week or so. Or more.”  “Looks aren’t everything, you know. He’s probably going to be really smart.”

It’s hard having folks critique what I’ve labored over.

Unlike modifying children, I can learn and modify my writing. Improve my craft. Work a little harder at getting better.

Right now I feel a little paralyzed. I’m surrounded by talent, and it’s got me questioning if I have any.

Fear shows up at the worst possible times. Undermining confidence. Fear causes me to question what I know to be true and can often loom larger than the truth in my heart.

Fear is a weapon of the enemy of our souls. Used to take us out when we’re accomplishing what God has called us to do. To sabotage our purposefulness. To threaten our dreams and goals.

Fear is not from God.

I know that. I’ve experienced victory over that. But when fear shows up, it’s a smack in the face that takes me by surprise. It’s there. Waiting. Ready to knock me off my feet.

Fear doesn’t take anything away from God, who He is, His power. If I think about it, it should cause me to run into the arms of the One who is my Place of Safety.

I’m not always thinking.

I’m going to be mindful about my writing. Use it for something–Someone–more than just me. Not be afraid of what others may say.

So there, fear. I’m going to write on.




14 responses to “Do I Have The Write Stuff?”

  1. Yes!


    1. You’ve always been a cheerleader for me, Jules. Thanks so much!


  2. Man up. Or I’ll bury you alive in a box. Loves and bunny hugs.


    1. Loves and bunny hugs for my bestest bestie.


  3. Lovely Dale and I wish you the best! Sounds very exciting to this would be writer. 🙂


    1. Writers write. That’s what I’ve been told, and that’s what I’m trying to do. Thanks for your encouragement, Gail. Ireally appreciate it.


  4. Love the Hemingway quote! You belong there. Learn and bring back the goods to share with us!


    1. Oh, sweet Ter, you’ve been a stalwart encouragement for so long. Thank you, my friend.


  5. You are right where you belong Dayle! There’s only one road to take, and you’re on it!!


    1. Oh, Mrs Shoe! I so love you! Thanks for even reading–that means more than you know. You’re not only a dear friend, you’re a heart sister!


  6. So glad you are there! You’re a great writer asked I hope someone picks you up! Your blogs shows your skill!


    1. Thanks so much, Mags. You’re an incredible inspiration in so many ways. Love you.


  7. Dayle you are more of an inspiration to me the more I know you!!! Stomp that fear out and let your heart sing through your writing! You bless us Dayle! Always remember that!


    1. Oh, sweet Maddie, thanks for loving me so well. You’re a wise young woman, my friend, telling me to stomp out my fear. Thanks for that picture.


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