Gotta Give The Guy A Chance


There was a time when I thought the only classic whiners were young kids and teens. Both wanting to make their needs known. Both annoyingly persistent with a tone of voice that could fray nerves.

Seems our politicians have found the same tone of voice.

The inauguration is tomorrow. Rather than the typical end-of-office kindness for the incoming president, there’ve been questionable comments, rants over the legitimacy of this presidency and a lot of folks choosing to skip the inaugural ceremonies.

Sounds like a bunch of middle schoolers who got their feelings hurt.

I understand folks have their concerns. There are always concerns when leadership is passed on.

These elected officials have been chosen by the people to represent them. Officials who’re supposed to look out for the welfare of their constituents.

There isn’t an option for pouting.

The ever-present social media platform hasn’t helped. It allows whatever is said in the moment to become worldwide knowledge in minutes. There are so many people commenting that seeing truth can be tricky. We’ve become calloused to what is said and how it’s said.

What happened to respect for the office?

There’ve been no presidents who’ve had 100% approval rating. Why? None of them have been perfect. None of the rest of us are either. The more power you have, the more people want to cut you down to size.

It’s our human condition.

This isn’t the first time folks have been negative about a President.

Author John DeMarchi wrote that George Washington was considered tyrannical. Abraham Lincoln was thought to be the devil himself during the Civil War. FDR was perceived to be a socialist. Ronald Reagan was seen as a Soviet-obsessed militant who would have welcomed a final Armageddon with the USSR.

All great presidents. All misperceived.

Many people who’ve done great things for humanity have been ridiculed for their efforts. Blamed for not doing more. Not being what others thought they should be.

Mahatma Ghandi was criticized for choosing to pursue independence through non-violence. Winston Churchill’s father didn’t believe he’d ever be be good enough to have a career in law or politics. Van Gogh was shunned by his contemporaries and only sold one painting while he was alive.

Jesus Christ was crucified when He came to show us God’s love. He died in our place so we could have life.

He’s been criticized, mocked, shunned, misunderstood. Our response to Him hasn’t changed how much He is committed to us. How much He loves us.

His being misunderstood hasn’t lessened His impact on the world.

Donald Trump is no savior. He’s a man with faults and failures. He’s got ideas that just may change how life looks in America for the good.

He is our duly elected President.

We need to give him a chance. It’s the right thing to do to honor the office. To respect this country that has given us freedoms, imperfect as they may be.

We can agree to disagree. That’s life. But let’s not turn our backs on what might be a good thing.

Let’s be slow to judge and condemn.

Let’s give us a chance.










6 responses to “Gotta Give The Guy A Chance”

  1. Many of my same thoughts, thank you, Dayle.


    1. Thanks, Steph. This is going to be a big learning curve for all of us–so much better to work together than be divisive. Now if Congress could only get that!


  2. Thank you for this. I’ve been sort of avoiding news on the inauguration because I suppose I’m avoiding the reality of Trump being in office. Great reality check. Great heart check.


    1. Avoiding reality is something we do as people. Self-protective. But we’re called to pray for our leaders–not always easy, especially if you don’t agree with them. But I’m convinced God knew before time Trump would be our President now. And He has a purposefulness in having this be our reality. I’m hoping we can learn to work with Him in this. Thanks for your comments.


  3. Alice Fredricks Avatar
    Alice Fredricks

    Well said, Dayle! After all we know that ultimately he is there because God wants him there. I will pray for him and see what is God’s purpose for him as president.


    1. You’re so right–no one leads apart from the sovereignty of God. I’m actually pretty excited about an outsider coming and and messing with the system–for good, not for evil. Thanks, my friend.


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