Last Time I Checked, It Wasn’t About Me

I love my job.

That makes me a bit of an enigma. It’s countercultural when so many are looking to find their niche in life and work in a place they feel valued and necessary.

I’ve the distinct privilege of working with folks coming to Orlando from the mission field. Stateside or overseas. Yes, that makes them followers of Jesus. Yes, that means this is a spiritual (not religious) opportunity to share the hope of the gospel. What makes these people so incredible is their heart commitment to go where they’re needed, say what needs to be said so that others may know that God exists and loves them passionately.

It goes further than that. Not only do I work with people who know what it means to sacrifice for the sake of others, but I work on a team that cares deeply for people.

I’m a people person. It doesn’t get any better than this.

We’ve made it a point to do life differently so people feel cared for and appreciated. In a world that focuses more on production than the one producing, learning to show esteem to others is a learning curve.

So necessary. So much fun.

I’ve worked with people from almost every continent. This year, I’m working with a delightful couple from Korea.

I’m learning a lot.

They’ve chosen to live in a culture that isn’t their own. They’ve left their country with their three sons to transition to a country that doesn’t speak their heart language.


I had the chance to meet three of their friends from Korea who are serving in other countries. Three men who’re learning English and another language to minister in other countries. Two are still students in college. Close to being done. They left for a year to do what they feel needed to be done. The third is married with two sons. That’s a lot of transition.

unnamed-6It’s inspiring to be with people who who aren’t looking out for their own comfort but are focused on the good of others. Folks who see past inconvenience to hope.

I’m not sure I’m that altruistic. Thinking of others first before I think of me. I end up in the equation too much.

I’m working on that. Raising kids taught me the mantra every mom learns, “Die to self.” You can’t look out for your needs and greeds when little ones are scooting around and need supervision. Or older ones are out and about and need engagement. All kids, no matter what age, need focus.

But this selfless commitment. This heart of faithfulness. Going where others don’t necessarily want to go because it’s hard–that’s a mark of character that stands out.

God called Abraham to leave the comforts of home and family to go to a place He’d show him. There were no specifics. No clues. Abraham knew his God. He trusted Him. He willingly walked away from what was safe to what was unknown.

Like my Korean friends.

How willing am I to do for others, to trust God, to walk away from my comfort for a greater cause?

How willing are you?


6 responses to “Last Time I Checked, It Wasn’t About Me”

  1. Dayle you are a hero….you communicate your heart and you truly do serve others. Hope to see you before too long my friend. Lovingly, El


    1. I so love you, El. You are an inspiration to me with your steadfast servant heart and willingness to go the distance for others.


  2. I’m with Ella. You are my hero, too! 😘 I miss you.


    1. Mar, you’re the hero. A woman who perseveres no matter how hard it gets. I love you, sweet friend. You are a woman of God who has impacted many.


  3. ❤ Living life differently has made all the difference in the world. So glad this is part of your call and our organizations provision.. 🙂


    1. Love you, C! You remind me so much of what a true heart for God can allow you to move through. The ugly has no hold on you, my sweet friend. The dark is an annoyance, never a roadblock.

      Liked by 1 person

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