Christmas Crazy Aftermath

‘Twas the day after Christmas, and all over the place

There was mess galore, not any clean space.

The wrappings were tossed in the room without care,unnamed-6

In hopes that Mom would pick up without giving the glare.

The kids were all playing with things they’d received.

Some things were now broken, not made well as believed.

Some things were discarded, not something enjoyed,

The response to “too much” for most girls and boys.

There’d been laughter and shouts and responses of glee

As folks opened gifts that had been under the tree.

There’d been a big dinner, people sharing the day,

There’d been talking with friends, with so much to say.unnamed-4

Good food, good fellowship, good friends, a good time,

We enjoyed the whole day, felt it was all quite fine.

It’s over. Quite finished. Another year from now

Till Christmas comes ’round with its sparkle and wow.

I’m tired today. It’s been a long season

Of prepping and buying and wrapping with reason.

You’ll not find me shopping for bargains in storesunnamed-3

With all of those shoppers who want nothing but more

Of the chance to hit holiday sales after Christmas Day,

Seeking treasures and supplies, not needing much to pay.

I won’t be rushing to prepare for this year’s end,

Or filling my schedule with things that I intend

To accomplish and fulfill in this coming year–unnamed-3

For to rush right now I would lose, I fear,

The chance to pause and consider how I want this time,

This Christmas, the meaning, to impact what’s mine.

My life and my focus, my choices and dreams

Have more significance with Jesus in them, it seems.

All this world offers is temporal and small

Compared to the hope that God’s promised to all

Who call on Him, seek Him, want to know Him more.unnamed-4

It’s really as simple as opening a door

To your heart, your soul, inviting Him in

Allowing Him to take from you the penalty of sin.

These thoughts are much bigger than sales, galas and fun

Because God truly loves us, each and every one.

Christmas is over, but the truth of it lasts

Giving hope for my future and cleaning up all my past.unnamed-5

I’ll ponder these things with thoughtful reflection

Knowing my life’s worth more because of His redemption.

Imagine the best gift you could possibly get

And realize what He offers is even better yet.









4 responses to “Christmas Crazy Aftermath”

  1. Love the pictures, love the match jammies, love the poem, love the message, love the writer. Merry Christmas 🎄


    1. Thanks, Ames. Love you, too, sweet friend.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Spot on, once again, Daylie! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from my messy house to yours. Love you tons.


    1. Oh, Pen, I love that you have a messy house! That’s what a real home is–messy and unkempt and lived in! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the Wermers, my sweet friend!


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