When The Gift Is Greater Than The Sale



Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Two terms that send chills through my being.

The invitation to shop NOW and get unbelievable deals for Christmas.

I’m not a shopper. I’ve serious shop avoidance issues.

I love a good deal, just like the next person. But tempting me to get out with a bazillion other shoppers who are, most likely, after the same one or two things on my list?

No thank you.

My girls embrace shopping with the joy of the hunt. The experience together of getting out early, waking up with venti-sized Starbucks coffee, and persevering till the deed is done.

I just get overwhelmed. What am I missing?

Tucked in between these two massive and personally dreaded shopping days, though, was the sweetness of a wedding. Our neighbor, Lindsey, married the love of her life and her best friend, Colby.

We got to know Lindsey years ago when she and her family moved back from overseas. She was being introduced to the home 15219621_10157823788665187_4462609907674856247_nshe wasn’t familiar with.

It didn’t slow her down.

Perky and personable, she would drop by our house and hang out. Chatting with whoever was there. She and our daughter, Debbie, got to know each other and then bonded over sports–Deb with soccer, Linds with lacrosse.

As time passed and schedules got more crowded, we saw less of Lindsey. Sports eats up a lot of time. She didn’t begin her lacrosse career till she was a freshman in high school, but her attitude was one of perseverance with a great work ethic. She worked at learning and improving.

She became good because of who she was. Playing eventually at Liberty University, a Division 1 school.

A tough little gal who was challenged with injuries and setbacks, she never quit. She persevered and played her heart out.

Getting married would have to be to a man who could handle her strength, spunk and character.

Enter Colby.

They got to know each other through sports. He played golf.

As her dad mentioned during the ceremony, you meet someone when you’re sweaty and focused on the game, you see more of the real person. Not a lot of space to dress it up.

Being at this wedding was a reminder of what was real. Both of them are followers of Jesus, committing their marriage to Him because He’s their foundation. They have values that reflect an eternal mindset. Their wedding wasn’t their end game. It was the the gift of the beginning of their lives together.

It was a respite in the midst of the bargains and shopping and pressure that’s become Christmas. Remembering that Christmas is really about the coming of the One who gives us life, hope, forgiveness and love.

The ultimate gift. One of eternal value. Not one we lose interest in, that breaks or becomes outdated in a year.

Congratulations, Lindsey and Colby. Your gift to us was the reminder of hope and love.

Better than a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal any day.







2 responses to “When The Gift Is Greater Than The Sale”

  1. seems black friday is where you and i forge different paths 😉 I’m one of the crazy ones.. I’ve stood in hour-long lines to get into stores in the pitch black of night, in the blistery cold, 2, 4 and 9 months pregnant 🙂 but oh yes…right…the greater gift!!!! MUCH more real and desirable than any of the crap now stuffed in my secret gift closet!!!


    1. Is there ever a greater gift? And as far as standing in line–pregnant, no less–in cold and darkness–there are no words, my friend.

      Liked by 1 person

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