Why Wait?

Weddings bring families together like nothing else–except possibly funerals. They’re opportunities to gather to celebrate the beginning of a new home, a new family, a new norm. Two lives intermingling in a precisely scripted event that is often nine parts unnamed-4focused on day-of celebration and one part “What comes next?”

This past weekend we celebrated the marriage of my niece, Kate, to Alex, the man who captured her heart. They’d both set high standards for a spouse, wanting to make a decision they could live with for the rest of their lives. Unwilling to compromise on what was important to both–a trustworthy person, filled with integrity, who loved Jesus. They were two puzzle pieces finding each other for the perfect fit in a puzzle filled with oddly shaped pieces. They’re kindred spirits, travelers on this life journey together who enjoy the same things.

They waited. Neither thinking it would really happen. The joy they’ve found in each other is beautiful.

What made it even more significant was my six children flew in from all over the country to be there to honor their cousin. They showed up. Celebrating family is a value that our kids have embraced. So an extra bonus was the chance for us to be together. It’s been a long while since that happened.

It’s worth the wait when we connect like this.

unnamed-2Some things are always worth waiting for. Being married to the right person is a decision that shouldn’t be made lightly. I’ve seen too many people begin with a beautiful ceremony and end a few years later with a bitter taste in their mouths. Time spent with those we value is worth waiting for. Investing in people you love is never a waste.

Rushing things can often be less than desirable. Moving quickly through a project just to get it done may have unsatisfactory results. Giving someone who’s young and immature too much responsibility too quickly could overwhelm them.

There are some things for which we shouldn’t wait. Or hesitate. Good deals that happen once in a lifetime shouldn’t be ignored but acted upon. The chance to do the right thing for someone else should never take a second thought.

Making a choice about eternity isn’t something that should be put off. Waiting till you’ve lived life on your own terms, in your good time, shouldn’t dissuade anyone from considering what will happen once this life ends.

Solomon, a wise king of Israel, said that God has set eternity in our hearts. The sense that this isn’t all there is. The fickleness of life would seem incredibly unjust if there is but a small percentage who live in hope when so many live in fear. If this isn’t the sum total of our experience, shouldn’t we consider what the possibilities might be for what’s next?

After this life is over, where we spend eternity is determined by what we do with Jesus. Receive the gift of His grace and forgiveness. Or try to make it on our own good works.

Kate waiting for Alex? Best possible choice.

Hesitating about where you’ll spend eternity?

Why wait?




One response to “Why Wait?”

  1. Sounds like these two waited where they should’ve (for each other) and didn’t wait where they shouldn’t (Jesus). It’s so awesome you all could there with them as they step into this journey together.


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