The Right Signature On The Bottom Line

I don’t sleep well when I have to get up early. I get panicky that I’ll sleep through the alarm, and anyone who’s depending on me to be responsible will be disappointed.

Type A’s have it hard.

Thursday I got out of bed at 3 a.m., not needing to leave the house till 5:30 to get Deb to the surgical center for the first of two operations.

Our family’s had our share of hospitals and operations lately. This one is to restore Deb’s knee so she can remain active and not unnamed-6have to worry about a knee replacement or arthritis for a few more years. Neither of us was thrilled about it. Deb’s had ACL surgery and her share of sprains, hematomas and bruises to last her a lifetime.

When Deb checked in, the nurse asked which knee was to be operated on. She told them the left; the nurse wrote “yes” in permanent marker on that knee.

When her surgeon came in to give her an overview of what would happen, he checked his charts, looked at her knee.

And signed off on it by putting his initials by the “yes”. In permanent marker.

There’ve been times when operations have been done on the wrong body part. When the wrong limb’s been amputated. When messages have gotten crossed and what was supposed to happen didn’t.

I didn’t want them to make a mistake on my daughter. I was grateful they’d come up with a protocol that could prevent the oversight. There was no question about where to operate.

unnamedThis surgery, and the one following in five weeks, are necessary for her to regain strength and mobility in her knee. It’s not been pretty. The pain is greater than anticipated. The medication they gave her makes her nauseous. She hates sitting around but doesn’t have the energy or strength to do more right now.

Sometimes, to get better, we have to go through pain and discomfort. Choosing a path of pain seems ridiculous. If temporary pain can move us to greater comfort, better circumstances, it makes it worth it. Right?

I rarely appreciate pain in life. Especially if it’s happening to someone I love. I’d rather take the hurt for them then see them walk through it. To do without pain at all? That would be awesome.

It won’t happen this side of heaven. Everyone and everything is broken. You can’t find a perfect person among us who won’t ever hurt anyone else. No matter how great our intentions, skills and resources.

Jesus said we don’t have to walk this pain path alone. For those who’ve written “yes” on our hearts to allowing Him to bear the burden of our wrongdoings, He’s signed off on us that we’re His.

He’s written a huge JC over that “yes” on our hearts. Stating we’re His. No mistake.

He guarantees He’s walking our path of pain with us. Holding our tears close to His heart. Weeping with us in our sorrow. Never unnamed-1letting us go.

That kind of guarantee makes waiting for things to be better more than tolerable.

As long as I know I’m His, I can be willing to wait.



8 responses to “The Right Signature On The Bottom Line”

  1. Woah, what a powerful message!! “Yes” on our hearts and “JC” no mistake. I love that. That one belongs in a book. Just sayin. Hope Deb’s recovery is in high gear.


    1. It’s moving along–but slowly! She’s a trooper, but I get that this is hard and not necessarily where anyone wants to be. Thanks for the encouragement.

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  2. Dayle – It was just right for me to get a Mom’s perspective on Debbie’s knee operation. [ I asked her to Update us after she phoned a couple of days ago! ] I rarely APPRECIATE PAIN and to do without PAIN would be AWESOME, indeed!!! We WILL stick with JESUS with this ONE also, Dayle. HE WILL NEVER LET us GO! Blessing in HIM to YOU THREE!


    1. She’s doing as well as can be expected. The fact that this is getting so familiar is a little concerning–but God is in the details! Just grateful that He’s allowing her to get this fairly new technology so the knee replacement isn’t necessary.


  3. Love this…and having gone through a fun surgery on me knee with you by my side, you can bet I am praying for sweet Debbie and you as well.


    1. Thanks, Pen–knees are such quirky things. Joints and muscle and cartilage and the like. I so appreciate your prayers–another reason why I value your love and friendship.


  4. I love the way all the pieces of this post came together. Appreciate your pointing us to Christ in the messiness of life. Love you!


    1. Thanks, Sus! It was actually a really fun thing to have the Lord show me this. The tricky part is to own that signature on my bottom line.

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