My Way’s Better Than The Highway, Right?

Living in close proximity to Cape Canaveral, we’ve seen rocket launches from our neighborhood. The spectacular contrail of smoke and fire can be seen for miles.

Then the first stage drops off in a fiery flare.

Like jettisoning life stages as we move to the next.

Ryken will be two in a few days; his first stage has disappeared in a puff of smoke.

He’s discovered personal autonomy.

There are substantive reasons for the two’s being a time of challenge and difficulty for parents. Children discover they’re independent of their parental units. They aren’t little appendages. They can make choices about what they’re going to do.

It’s not always pretty.

Our laid back, mellow little guy has transformed into a non-stop, fast-moving, negative-Norbert whirling dervish of contrary attitudes.

No is his favorite word.

unnamed(Why do parents ever ask their children if they want to do an activity that is positive or useful when the presumed answer will always be negative. “Do you want to get ready for bed?” “Are you kidding me, parental unit?”)

The other day Ryken let fly a toy at the head of a one-year-old. When she wanted to play with one of his toys, he’d lie on them, bodily burying them. All doors must be dead-bolted or he leaves the house for who knows what type of adventures. He climbs to the highest possible point he can. Launches himself from tops of couches and chairs. Has turned from a cautious little boy to a fearless marauder.

I just caught him dipping water out of the toilet with a Dixie cup. Not sure if he drank any or not.

It’s all biodegradable. Right?

How long can this stage last?

As long as it takes.

Much like a rocket, a measured amount of fuel–energy–needs to be burned through before the next stage can begin. Learning has to happen. Attitudes need to be shaped. Little people need to learn they’re not the center of the universe.

Whoa. Delicate ground. Pointing a finger of accusation at little folks leaves three other fingers pointing back at me.unnamed-1

Me? Thinking I’m the center of my universe?

Maybe acting like I’m the center. Or epicenter. Where all the turbulence happens.

Moving through life stages is growth. Learning to segue from one season to another with a seamlessness that comes from wisdom and good choices.

Which I don’t always do. I have a few opinions on how I should be doing and what I need to do life well. Like Ryken, I can get a little preoccupied with what I want.

That would be me in the center.

God is well aware of my self-centeredness. My tendency to burn through my agenda–and other people. My capacity to burn out. I want to improve in the wise-choice area, the faithful-walk-and-talk piece of life. Maturity. I can get a little preoccupied with self.

He doesn’t condemn, mock or shame me because I’m not growing faster in my faith. He doesn’t compare me or criticize me to others.

He picks me up when I’ve fallen yet again. Brushes me off. Sets me back on the launch pad.

And encourages me to try again. In hope. With grace.

That’s the fuel that keeps me going for a long time.







10 responses to “My Way’s Better Than The Highway, Right?”

  1. Lovely, and amen. And isn’t it a good thing that little kids are adorably angelic looking? lol


    1. Angelic, yes. Does it hide a dark little soul? Yes. I may not have the angelic look–but the dark little soul? Absolutely!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. so good, so true…and so what I needed this morning. It isn’t just two years that try to assert their independence, for sure. I love trying to prove I am all grown up….but hate having to get up from my face plant.


    1. Are we ever going to grow up, Pen? Peter Pan lives–and it’s not always good. The face plant thing? I so get it! Love you, friend.


  3. Glad I’m getting your blogs, Dayle. You’re a special woman, flawed and growing like me…. Jan


    1. Flaws aren’t limited to two-year-olds! Love you, Jan! Thanks for reading!


  4. Dayle, you catch it for me when you say, I can get preoccupied with WHAT I WANT [like adorable but terrible two, Ryken!] acting like I’m the center of the universe! I better stick with HIM – GOD in CHRIST and HOLY SPIRIT – THEY LOVE me and PICK me UP AGAIN!!! Love and Blessing in HIM!


    1. I’m so grateful that God chooses to continually pick us up, brush us off, give us a hug and sets us on our way. No abandonment issues here!


  5. Love the way you can take the antics of a 2 year old and see a bit of all of us in him! Yes, thankfully God isn’t finished with us either and in the “mean time” He still loves us just like we are!


    1. Thanks, Allie. I think I can see these antics of my two-year-old grandson because at heart I’m not that different. I MISS YOU SO MUCH! Anytime you all want to come back, please do! You’ve got a place with us!


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