FOMO And Fear Are Unhappy Bedfellows

There was definitely something wrong with the picture.

I wasn’t in it.

That does sound rather self-centered. Truth is, anytime I see a group picture, I look to see what I look like first and then look at the whole.f85599c9-87f6-4b7f-bba4-97a30c9396f3

That does make it about me.

This concern was legitimate.

I wasn’t even in the room.

I missed the fun.

I’ve had FOMO issues since I was a kid. The fear of missing out on something fun, exciting or interesting had me showing up in situations I probably shouldn’t have cared about.

13428382_10103444908941969_290223145186521359_nI did marry a FOMO-less kind of a guy. I birthed very FOMO kids.

So this past weekend we had to miss a party that has been a highlight of our program finale. We have a retreat to share the process of the year. Deeply moving and encouraging.

Then there’s the Tacky Prom.

It’s the snarky version of every high schooler’s memories–or nightmares. No limos. No corsages. No gorgeous dresses or tuxes.

Tacky and wacky at its finest.

It becomes a contest to see who can look the weirdest. Funniest. A chance to not take ourselves seriously.ea34e384-3bc2-4722-898e-af8d9b7b2eb9

I missed it.

For good reason. The son of our dear friends was getting married, and celebrating Jason and his bride, Hannah, was a must. A real joy for me and John.

I was able to stuff the FOMO issues during the wedding. Not hard since it was gloriously fun. Once we left, and the pictures began coming in of the fun being had at the prom, those issues erupted like a painful zit.

I wanted to be there.

e3a625fc-d69d-4bf9-8b6a-05e890d51681I don’t know many who would choose to be left out when a good time is expected.

Well, maybe my husband, who’s an introvert. He doesn’t relish looking foolish.

Being included is a value for many. It shows we’re seen and appreciated. Wanted. If someone is left out unintentionally, it’s a sad oversight. If intentional, a deeper issue is at stake. Feelings are hurt, anger can grow, relationships could be at risk. The bigger and more important the event, the greater the ramifications of not being included.

It’s why God is waiting patiently before this world is done. Before heaven becomes a reality. So as many as possible can experience the guarantee of being there.13445442_10103444908712429_2631506171233365288_n

Heaven will be the ultimate great time. Many assume they’ll be there. Figuring their good deeds and intentions will outweigh their mistakes and intentional wrong doings.

A lot of folks are going to be surprised if that’s what they’re counting on.

Jesus made it plain. Knowing Him as God’s provision for our imperfection is the only way to be assured of heaven.

Which will anger a lot of people. Who say I’m being intolerant.

I’m just a messenger.

Who happens to know for sure where I’m spending eternity.

It’s incredibly tacky to claim to be God if you’re not. Jesus said He was the way to heaven.

Assurance of heaven is a valid reason to check out His claims. Missing out because I didn’t want to make the effort?

That’s the ultimate FOMO faux pas.







10 responses to “FOMO And Fear Are Unhappy Bedfellows”

  1. Definitely something wrong with the picture!! But what a beautiful connection you’ve made. Well done, Dayle. I love this. But what kind of punk photographer sends you all these pics when you have FOMO?!?!?!? 😉


    1. My very favorite punk photographer. She loves to share.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Just my way of including you on the fun. And processing why to do with the poseys. That look was alarming all night long… 😳😳


    1. Clearly I don’t know how to edit WordPress comments from my phone yet 😂


  2. Dayle, this comes on the heals of a daughter being left out, on purpose, by people. Who should have known better. My mama’s heart was hurt for her and (more than) irritated with the responsible party. Thanks for this timely and wise reminder of what’s really important. Thank you once again for pointing my focus Heavenward. Love you, dear friend, and than God for your insight and wisdom.


    1. I’m sorry for the pain dished out to your daughter–purposeful hurting of others is such a snarky way to deal with someone when you’ve got no integrity to be kind and genuine. She’s valued and worthwhile–she matters. Why do we insist on being so mean as people? Love you, March.


  3. Dayle, I’m with John on this one – I don’t like looking foolish, either! [Have to admit, when I see a picture, I look to see what I look like first!] I’m so GLAD GOD IS PATIENT with me! Besides, I Love a GREAT TIME and want to make the EFFORT to be ASSURED of HEAVEN also!!! Blessings and Love in HIM!


    1. Being assured of heaven has got to be one of the best gifts God could give us–outside of our total salvation. Blessings to you, Lo!


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