Potholes, Protuberances and Pitfalls

I’m told I’m rather unobservant.

In my defense, I do focus on what I feel is important.

I do miss those things that get in the way of the things I feel are important.

Driving, for instance, is very important. I typically drive with no music so I have some moments for my thoughts. They’re always fighting for my attention, so I give them their due while on the road.images

They can be noisy.

As much as I pay attention to the road, it’s the unexpected things that get me.

Like potholes.

Coming from Chicago, I should be used to this. The roads are constantly being repaired due to their deeply pitted condition. Heavy traffic, loaded trucks, freezing temperatures, extreme heat all add to the mess that passes for areas of transit.

It would help immeasurably if there were huge signs, flashing lights, pointing to problems. “Pothole ahead. It’s a biggie.” Or “Swerve to the right to avoid the nonexistent concrete ahead.”

There’s a road near our home that has a deep manhole cover that could pass as a pothole. I bottom out on that sucker most days I drive that road. I know it’s there. I just forget where.

Those loud thoughts, you know?

I miss the more obvious as well. There’s a tree in our front yard that has low branches. I love this tree. Don’t really want to see it 5b03225e-627f-4f53-8a44-60235ccb5202hacked up. Yet we have folks coming around frequently asking if we’d like the thing trimmed.

Is it that obvious to everyone else?

It does brush the top of the car. Beastie can handle it.

It’s how I often approach life.

I’ve got a plan. Places to go, people to see, words to use up before my husband gets home.

Let’s focus, people.

With all that focus, I miss things.

What I wouldn’t do for a garish flashing arrow or neon sign proclaiming, “Don’t say that out loud, or you’ll regret it.” Tread gently; hurt feelings ahead.” “Chances are good it won’t come out right, so stop while you can.” Or my favorite, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.” (Well said, Thumper.)

If those don’t work, a simple handwritten note would suffice. “You’re making a mistake.”imgres-1

I’m not trying to dig pits to fall into. They exist, with or without my help. I sometimes don’t see them because I miss the cues. The hints that something isn’t right. The warning signs that indicate I’m on the wrong trajectory, headed in a way I don’t want to go.

God gets that about me. My inability to know all, see all. That’s His department.

He misses nothing.

Life’s journey is cluttered with potholes. Some I see; some I completely miss. Some I choose to ignore or pretend they’re not there. Heck, if I don’t acknowledge them, they can’t hurt me. Right?

Jesus walks this journey with me. Catching me when I trip over the potholes, pulling me out of the pits that suck me in like quicksand.

He never loses His focus on me.

Still, a neon sign would be helpful every now and then.

Just sayin’.










2 responses to “Potholes, Protuberances and Pitfalls”

  1. [Not sure if I did this right-will do again.]

    Dayle, I also FOCUS on what is IMPORTANT, as well as I agree with Thumper and GOD! HE DOES MISS NOTHING! And JESUS’S FOCUS is on me! PRAISE FOR HIS GLORY!!

    Love and Blessings in HIM to YOU and JOHN!


    1. Sorry to have messed you up with the new format. I was getting bored with the way the blog looked. I love color! And I love you!


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