The Perils Of Pinterest or Can Thinking Make Kindness Happen?

It must have skipped a generation.

Or several.

We missed you, Debbie and Jillian!
We missed you, Debbie and Jillian!

I don’t think mom had a creative bone in her body when it came to decorating. Or the ability to make functional things beautiful.

It wasn’t a value.

When we had parties, they were straight up affairs with substantial food that would make any church pot luck dinner proud. And a dearth of decorations.

She didn’t do balloons and streamers.

I added those to my parties.

That was then. Now those meager efforts would be mocked by the Pinterest generation.

We all have a modicum of creativity. More modicum than massive for some.

d786a4c0-e8ab-4112-8348-5a4c25c56e16I know my limits.

I get uneasy looking at decorations or DIY projects on Pinterest. Some of the simplest ideas require creative genius beyond the capacity of my balloon-focused mind.

Like the difference between a finger painting and a Jackson Pollack piece.

So when the daughters I birthed came up with a shower for their sister who’s having a baby, it was inspired.

Melody has chosen an Aztec theme for their nursery. (What happened to woodland creatures and primary colors?) (Nine-year-old Teagan’s response was even better. “Why would they want temples and cannibals in a baby’s room?)

So the sisters went to town.

Tiffany sewed a layered banner with colorful shapes strung across the room. Impressive.8122693c-b1a9-464a-be12-811b8e71a854

Heather and Courtney got supplies to paint blocks for baby girl Sibben to have when she got older. And made balloons part of their display, with fringe and levels that boggled my mind.

Courtney came up with the menu, which was creative and beautiful when it was done.

Although the babies in a blanket, little sausages swaddled in dough with painted faces, were a tad creepy. I felt a little cannibalistic when I popped one in my mouth. Tasty, but strange.

I was amazed at how well it turned out. Being one that operates a lot in the moment, sans a plan, this had the feel of an organized and orchestrated gathering.

Melody loved it, not just for the beauty and flow, but for the thought that went into the preparation.

Thought in preparing. That’s what this was all about. Not just throwing something together, which would have been fun, too. But thinking about Melody. What was important to her. Showing that they knew their sister. And loved her enough to let her joy be their focus.

God loves us with that knowing love. He created us with tender awareness, placing in each of us gifts and talents that we can use to encourage others. They may not be showy gifts–like a colorful Aztec banner or the talent to put together a non-profit that feeds the homeless and hurting. But who we are and what our capabilities may be are known and cherished by God.

Not just that we do things.

But that we do for others.

And there’s the question.

What do I do for others that shows I’ve thought about them? Not what’s easy for me. Without expecting payback in kind?

I don’t think I’ll find a pin for that.

I’ll have to do something about it.






10 responses to “The Perils Of Pinterest or Can Thinking Make Kindness Happen?”

  1. I loved this one! Thanks Dayle! You got some pretty special kids there!👏👏👏👏😊


    1. It’s why I keep them around, Kev. Thanks for the sweet words. Hope you’re feeling better!


  2. Well said Dayle! Service is always defined by the one being served, not by the one doing the serving. It is about the other. Thanks for reminding us!


    1. Yup. And service is such a fun thing–if it’s focused on me. The challenge for me is ALWAYS to think of the other person first. Thanks for your encouraging words, Steverino!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Dayle, thought with preparing – not just throwing something together, loving her enough to let her JOY be their FOCUS! GOD LOVES ME with that KNOWING KIND of LOVE also!!!
    Blessing to you both!


    1. It means the challenge of thinking of others first. And for most of us, who have serious narcissistic tendencies (ALL people) thinking of others first will always be a struggle. Thanks, Lo.


  4. Lee Anne Sorgius Avatar
    Lee Anne Sorgius

    So sorry I had to miss the fun. Love from New Zealand


    1. Missed you, sweet friend.


  5. “…that shows I’ve thought about them? Not what’s easy for me. Without expecting payback in kind?” those are 3 very challenging questions. dayle rogers, bringing the heat! i’ll be off pondering…


    1. Oh, darlin’, this is why you and I gel so well. We both be weird!

      Liked by 1 person

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