There’s So Much Of That Stuff Hitting The Fan

She’s been more trustworthy than I could have hoped for. Consistently available. Doesn’t require a lot from me.

Which is good because I rarely give her much of anything.

Just a little gas now and then.

My car will reach 190,000 miles sometime this week. A milestone, to be sure. She’s been a great little car.9ce68033-ea29-4fad-bbb5-b17ef3618f4d

She looks like a piece of–how do I say this delicately–crap. Seriously. A little piece of poo on wheels.  The “bet-she’s-been-through-the-sewer” look. A BMW without the W.

Beastie is my car. Looks are deceiving. Never a lemon, she’s always run well.

This week, though, has added insult to injury.

While at work, she was unnecessarily attacked by large birds with huge digestive issues.

That or I’ve got a whole new perspective on bird flu.

Upon seeing the aviary racing stripes on my car, I was disgusted. In a hurry to get to another appointment, I hopped in and tried to use the mister to wash the poo stains off the windshield.

I was mister-less.

It's not this bad, but it feels like it is.
It’s not this bad, but it feels like it is.

I drove on, peering around random ploppings on my windshield. After a bit, I didn’t even notice they were there.

I got stares. It was a preponderance of poo.

That was a few days ago. The poo remains.

I’m not sure why I haven’t taken the time to wash it off. I’ve had opportunity.

I just didn’t want to do it.

I worked around the issue. It wasn’t a problem.

I refused to let it be one.

I’d gotten used to looking around the poo. Not a perfect solution, but it was a solution. Easier than getting cleaning supplies and making it go away.

Or waiting for a good rain.

I can have that “la-de-dah” attitude about life. Especially if I’m at fault for something and don’t want to deal with it. Or apologize. Just wait for it to go away.

It’s amazing what discomfort you can live with.

John has traveled a lot lately, and more times than I can remember, we get into a “discussion” before he leaves. cc7a1f07-dc28-4545-b38d-ea0489cb47e3-1Surprisingly, I want to have the last word.

It’s not always a nice last word.

He gets in the car and takes off, and I feel miserable. I fight with myself because I know I should call and apologize. Because of what I’ve said.

I don’t want to.

So I wrestle with my inner snark, which always finds value in what I’ve said. That it wasn’t that bad.

My arguments on my behalf don’t make me feel better.

I break down and call and apologize for my comments. He’s always ready to forgive.

It feels better to just do it.

Jesus calls us to healthy relationships. Where we don’t stew over our anger. Building mountains out of molehills in our heads.

Cleaning up the mess–before it gets hardened by time and sun–isn’t easy.

It takes humility. Owning my wrongs. Seeking forgiveness.

Not looking past the problem and living with the discomfort.

Cleaning up the mess?

It’s restorative.







11 responses to “There’s So Much Of That Stuff Hitting The Fan”

  1. Dayle, I also need humility and I would rather let it go than deal with it! Curt has been gone a lot, as well and my anger shows! Thank You that JESUS NEVER LEAVES me NO MATTER WHAT I DO!!! BLESSINGS to YOU BOTH!


    1. Hi there Lo……just want to say hi and that I think of you often especially when they serve key lime pie…nothing like your calamasi pie though!!! Those were the days.


      1. Key lime pie and calamasi? I think I’m missing out on something really good.


    2. Humility is such a tough egg to crack. I want it–yet I don’t always seek it. We are a curious people, my friend.


  2. Thank you so much for sharing your hard-earned wisdom, Dayle, and for your example, too. It is often easy to just work around things. But it is never the best. That’s what God wants for us, if we’ll receive it from Him. You have helped me do that many times…you’ve been the “mister juice” in my life, in such gentle and caring ways. Can’t thank God enough for you or the wisdom you so freely share.


    1. You are more than kind, March. I value your input and love your wisdom. I’ve learned much from you, my friend.


  3. A BMW without the W??? Awesome word description that I am definitely gonna have to both steal and use, and not just for cars. But this is all so good….it is so easy to live with the crap in our lives, especially when it is of our own making. Too easy to deal with everyone else’s issues and wanting to make sure their poo is cleaned up instead of taking a good hard look at my own less than tidy bowl. How grateful I am that Jesus truly does call us to not live in comfort in our mess and that He can so graciously clean us up.


    1. I see heaven as a giant carwash type of area, that when we enter, we get thoroughly doused, cleaned, dried to be the people He always intended us to be. Crap happens. But not in heaven. Love you, friend.


  4. alice fredricks Avatar
    alice fredricks

    Dayle, I laughed til I nearly cried reading your description of attempting to drive with the car like that! Too bad we also try to walk through life some times with messes that need cleaning up and like you with your car, contented to leave it that way!! 😦 Once more you’ve taken life experience and found in it a spiritual lesson! Love it!


    1. Well, when life hands you a messy situation, you have to learn to deal! Thanks for your loving support, my friend.


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