The Wilderness Of Waiting

“You waited.”

The iconic last line from one of my favorite chick flicks, “The Lake House.” A movie that makes little sense but is a feel-good experience where true love wins. While waiting.

That’s what I wanted to communicate to my new grandson, Landry John, born on April 26.e2d3c001-81b0-44ab-b1eb-9af19c9eab0b

You waited.

He was in a bigger hurry than his folks. He began making his entrance five weeks earlier, when he wasn’t quite cooked. Mom and Dad weren’t prepared for him to come early. Big brother Huck wanted more alone time with his folks.

Everyone knew he wasn’t ready.

Didn’t phase Landry. He was making plans for an early arrival.

Medical intervention changed those plans. Jillian was in the hospital for three days to stop her contractions. The last five weeks she’s had to be more careful with her activities.

That plus a lot of prayer kept him at bay. Gave him time he didn’t know he needed. Allowed development he didn’t realize was necessary.

He waited.

It doesn’t always work that way. I know we’re fortunate to have him.

There’s a bigger work involved. Things I can’t see. Development I don’t always recognize I need. Growth that needs to happen when I don’t want it.

My good friend, Daryl Smith, reminded me that this life isn’t always convenient and comfortable. Particularly as followers of Jesus. We’re called to be willing to serve and sacrifice.

And wait.

I’m drawn to what feels good. What’s easy for me. Not what makes me feel out of sorts, out of place, out of my comfort zone.

Waiting always feels like a sacrifice.

Not a fan.

Waiting in Landry’s case was a huge yes.

It often feels like a loud “no”.

Life is waiting. Waiting for Mr. Right–who may show up as Mr. Not-So-Swift. Waiting for that hoped for child–who turns out to be defiant and challenging. Waiting for the deserved job–only to have it given to someone younger. Waiting to get pregnant–only to have another monthly reminder that it didn’t happen. Again. Waiting in line after line, knowing your time could be spent doing something productive.

I’m not good at waiting. I’m impatient and whiney if things take longer than the time I’ve allotted.

I never allot enough time.

Life happens in time.

God doesn’t.

He has a bigger picture in mind. One that has nothing to do with my comfort.

It’s all about developing my character. Becoming more like Him.

a85c9b2f-21fb-422a-8dd1-c8f577770d78Growth and development happen over time. God isn’t so focused on the time it takes to grow as He is on my maturing. Life is my grand opportunity to develop character. In Him.

It means waiting through hard times. Waiting for others to grow up as well. Waiting to pick myself up and try again when I fail. Waiting through disappointment, loss, unmet expectations.

God doesn’t quit on me. He waits. Knowing what I’m capable of. Knowing what I’ll do.

Knowing better than I do what I need to become.

Landry was fortunate to wait. It’s giving him a better start.

Waiting for me?

It’s teaching me to finish well.







12 responses to “The Wilderness Of Waiting”

  1. Dayle, I’m with you on this one – no waiting, feeling good, easy things, not feeling out of sorts, out of place, out of comfort zone – SACRIFICE! [too many negatives!] In Landry’s case WAITING was a SUCCESS! [I better let HIM DEVELOP my CHARACTER, HE DOESN’T QUIT on me and HE KNOWS WHAT I NEED!] Love to YOU BOTH in HIM!


    1. Feeling good always trumps hardship and waiting. But it doesn’t ever build character. Right? Love you, Lo.


  2. Congratulations!!! Yes waiting is such a hard thing. Friend this is well written and expressed.


    1. Thanks, Lilibelle for your encouragement!


  3. Sheila Scorziello Avatar
    Sheila Scorziello

    Congratulations! Another grandchild is always good news!


    1. I’m with you on that one, my friend. Thanks.


  4. AwakeningSardis Avatar

    Ooooohhhh good last line! Punchy!

    Sigh. Mr. Right. Hellooooooooo??? You out there?


    1. He is on the Potter’s wheel being shaped for you.


      1. AwakeningSardis Avatar

        🙂 “Jesus make him have pretty eyes” …. lol


  5. AwakeningSardis Avatar

    Oohhhh and grandbaby again! LOVE! 🙂 Congrats! I still think you are far too young to be a grandma. 🙂


    1. So love you, CS. Pretty eyes–and a pretty heart to match. One full of love and compassion and tenderness for all and a deep love for Jesus!


      1. AwakeningSardis Avatar

        That sounds great! 🙂


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