If The Lights Are Off, Is That Delight?

Delight is one of those words that makes you grin when you say it. It makes you feel what it means.

I don’t hear the word used a lot. I hear enjoy, like, love. Things are awesome, amazing, astounding. 8e8a5216-2888-4c32-bc41-b8ee607e1957

There’s a pureness in the idea of delight. Wonder. Awe.

Genuine joy.

I’ve watched that played out in my grandson, Huck.

I’ve seen it in each of my grandkids. That look of joyful astonishment when things are just too wonderful to contain their laughter. When smiles stretch bigger than their faces should hold. When their eyes sparkle with the sense of it all being too good to be true.

It’s a lesson in individuality to discover what brings delight to people.

For Huck, it all centers around his folks, trucks, shooting basketballs and food.

Not always in that order.

The look he has on his face the first thing in the morning when he sees his mom is pure joy. How he lights up when his dad comes home at night is nothing short of magical. His eyes grow huge and his grin expands42b2c4fb-b387-4aa1-9e90-4bc5b9c258c6 when he sees a really big truck. He  has a “little tikes” basketball hoop where he and his folks shoot balls, and he giggles, “Nice shot.”

The boy loves to eat. When he eats a piece of fruit, the look on his face would make you swear he’d just inherited millions.

Kids understand delight. Pure joy when something happens that brings gladness to their hearts. You see it on Ethan’s 13-year-old face when he makes a play in soccer that’s more than he expected. Syd glows with delight when she’s around animals of all kinds. Teagan’s delight button is switched to permanent “on”. Life for him is a big adventure. Isley lights up with story, drama and people. Ryken and Brooklyn are a lot like their cousin, Huck. Their folks make them seriously joyful.

What do I take delight in? Where do I find pure joy that causes me to sit back in wonder?

My family, of course. But I wonder if I express it or just know it’s there. I’m too busy to stay in the awe and wonder of the ce427b05-1b7b-4789-8945-bf2ada0cf284moment. To bask in the glow of having people in my life that I dearly love.

I love what I get to do for my job. But how often do I see it as a job and don’t view it from the perspective of the opportunity to impact people for eternity?

God never stops delighting in me. I don’t get it, but I so need it from Him. He enjoys me as no one else ever could. Knowing all my stuff and clutter. He sees me as worthy of His time and energy. It goes beyond love. His enjoyment of knowing I’m His.

Even when we’re not on the best speaking terms.

If I were to enjoy my relationship with Jesus as much as He enjoys me, I’d go through my days with a genuine sense of hope and satisfaction. Knowing I’m never alone. Knowing I’m loved and seen as special.

Maybe delight has more to do with Who you know.

Lights on!









6 responses to “If The Lights Are Off, Is That Delight?”

  1. It’s a delight to read your posts, special lady. I love how you direct us to God’s love and delight in us. Thanks for filling my heart.


    1. You are a remarkable encourager, Ter. Thanks.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve always loved the word “delight” and am so glad you wrote on it! I always think of an expression on God’s face when he thinks of me, like eating an amazing ice cream cone on a hot day! And then I try to feel that feeling for myself, taking it all in.


    1. It’s such a fun word when you think about it–full of wonder and surprise. The ice cream cone is a great picture.


  3. Dayle, I’ll have to go with DELIGHT also with Huck and your Family and just maybe DELIGHT HAS to DO with WHO I KNOW, as well!!!


    1. I’m always amazed at how well He loves us. At how much joy He has in us–especially when I know what I’m really like. Thanks, Lo.


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