Getting To Like You, Getting To Hope You Like Me

You go where you’re needed.

And if you’re needed in Austin, Texas? That’s big Texas FUN.

John and I headed out to the Lone Star State to spend time with our son and his family. Give them a little break before son cd2a0070-d55f-471a-9b1e-6ec1e4c28b78#2 shows up.

Huck is almost 19 months old. All boy, he’s a little adventurer. Tries most things. Fears nothing.

Except being apart from his parents.

Living in Orlando, we’ve not had extensive amounts of time with Huck. We’ve not been imprinted on his brain and heart. Yet.

We arrived two days ahead of time to allow ample opportunity for him to get used to us. So that when Mom and Dad took off for a night, he’d feel comfortable with us there.

That was the plan.

f0daa92f-f372-4261-a3ba-1cdf6cf82a9dWhen our son picked us up from the airport, I sat in back with Huck for the ride home.

He refused to look at me.

I’m a fairly fun, friendly sort. I took this to be the challenge. Figuring I could win him over with a positive attitude and a willingness to play ball.

It might have been a tad easier if he’d moved a little slower.

John had him won over in no time.

He showed him videos of singing buses on his phone.

Not wanting to resort to technological manipulation, I kept trying. ed16c1e8-6c08-4a61-9def-04d1e815fcfd

We walked to the park. We threw rocks in puddles. We swung on swings till he almost catapulted himself out of my arms. We shot basketballs till I could barely lift my arms.

We always went home to Mom.

When his folks left for their night away, I held my breath.

I really didn’t want to mess this up. I wanted Mark and Jillian to feel comfortable leaving him with us. And I wanted him to feel comfortable being with us.

I just wanted him to like me. To know that I had his best interests at heart. That I’d do anything to protect him, encourage him and show him how much he meant to me.

e91e4a8e-5194-4d0e-82e4-42f9c164f4adIt’s taken time, but he’s getting there.

As I’ve considered Easter, Huck’s response to me has been my response to Jesus over the years.

Jesus came to give us what we need but can never earn for ourselves. His offer of life and hope is available to all who will choose to know Him. To receive His love and forgiveness.

He was the out-of-town Guy. Coming from heaven, from glory, to earth. To be with those who weren’t willing to believe Him. Who died in our place even when we didn’t accept who He was. When we didn’t love Him back.

He’s always had my best at heart. But it’s taken me years to warm up to Him. To believe that He cares about me in a way that’s life changing. The more I spend time with Him, the more I 73f2148a-d23d-404c-a2ab-6b6477f3ec7asee His heart for me. The more I believe His truth.

Relationships take time. But with Someone who loves me unconditionally, it’s worth the risk.

I’ll give Huck some space and grace. Time.

He’ll know I love him.




6 responses to “Getting To Like You, Getting To Hope You Like Me”

  1. Awwww, Dayle, he already knows Nana loves him. Registering it in different ways, like we with God. Completely at times, questioningly at others. You are the best. I have loved all of your posts but have been too busy lately to do much but read them. I am sorry for that, but hope you know I applaud every single one and your faithfulness and courage to put it all out there in a way that resonates and connects deeply with the hearts of all who read them. Happy Easter my dear friend! ❤


    1. Oh, Pen, I value your encouragement more than you know. And I know you’re busy–life has ramped up, not slowed down. You’re a woman deeply needed–even if not fully appreciated. Love you.


  2. How could he not like you? Everyone I know on the planet is crazy about you. Me. Too.


    1. He’s learning, Mar. He’s way more used to his other Nana than me. And I think it may confuse him a tad bit that we’re both Nana. But I so appreciate your encouragement! I love you my friend.


  3. Dayle, have to go with Huck’s response to you – like me – to JESUS – WHO I NEEDED, DIED IN MY PLACE, CHOSE to KNOW HIM, WHEN I DIDN’T LOVE HIM BACK [ETC. AND ETC.] Unconditional Love in HIM [Like HIM with me], Lois


    1. It’s surprising what we can learn from kids. And I thought growing up was all that special! Love you, Lo!


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