Pullin’ On The Bootstraps; Stompin’ In Style

Women’s gatherings must have space and time for conversations.

We had a retreat this past weekend to gather the women in our group for the purpose of getting to know one another better, enjoying each other’s company and encouraging each other as we do life differently.

You could feel the groundswell of interaction and fun. Conversations–light-hearted and deep. Laughter–robust and joyful. Connections–genuine and grateful.

It was a gift to be with these women. Having time with them made my heart smile.

12705594_1254370711246782_6618454391825957313_nThe retreat ended on Saturday late afternoon. When most of the women left, our leadership women stayed behind.

Talking deeply. Laughing loudly.

I’ve been with some of these women for years. Others are new to the team. What we share is a passion to connect to aa975b96-096f-46af-a4a0-5c8fd8e3abbeothers with the desire to help them move ahead on the path God has for them. Listening, loving, helping them recognize their value. To us. To God.

We did that for one of our leaders when everyone else left.

Allie and her husband, Gary, have been on the team almost as long as I have. They’ve been instrumental in forming how we operate as a team in ministry. They’ll be moving to Texas to be closer to family.

So we decided sending her off in style meant going boot shopping. How does anyone move to Texas without a little foot-stompin’ sole?

Seven of us were able to take Allie to the boot store. I’ve never been to a western store–and have never seen so much bling in one place that wasn’t a jewelry store. Belt buckles, jean pockets, shirts, skirts and boots. You name it, they blinged it up.

a9094efa-ab10-41e7-b0ee-249e1a9ab4d1We found Allie some sassy red boots. You’ve got to have a little panache to pull off red boots. They make a statement.

“I’m gonna kick your assumptions of me to the curb!”

That’s what friends do. They don’t limit who we are because of how we’re perceived. They go the extra mile so they really get to know you.

We all need that.

Being known. Being heard. Those are significant values to all of us. In our daily lives, where busyness has been lifted as a value, relationships often get pushed to the back burner. We’ve no time. No energy. Too many pots on the burners.

Too many burners.

To find people who value you for who you are is a gift. When you’re seen as more than a label. More than a warm body filling a needed role.

God’s perspective shows how He made us with the intent to be in relationships.

“Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble.”   Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Relationships aren’t always easy. They take work and perseverance.

No matter how we like to think of ourselves, no one is perfectly lovable. Or totally unlovable.

Often we look to others to choose us. Instead of stepping out and making ourselves available to be a real friend.

Take a chance. Let someone really know you.

That’s some soul-stompin’ reality that won’t kick anyone to the curb.










4 responses to “Pullin’ On The Bootstraps; Stompin’ In Style”

  1. Dayle, Thank You for this message [Ecclesiastes 4:9-10] on how to find our RELATIONSHIPS – THEY DO Take Work and Perseverance in this day and age! [ Like Allie’s sassy red boots!! ] LOVE AND BLESSINGS IN HIM!


    1. Don’t we all have a little sass, Lo? And need folks to appreciate it and not mock it? Thanks, friend.


  2. alice fredricks Avatar
    alice fredricks

    Never thought my picture would be on your blog, Dayle. This was SO much fun with such an incredibly dear group of women God has blessed me to know! I’m going to really miss you, Dayle! Who will ever call us Allie and Gar again! Special names given us by a special friend! Love you!


    1. Oh, Allie, you and Gar have added so much to my life–and John’s. You’ve loved me unconditionally, heard my heart when no one else was willing to listen, allowed me to emotionally vomit on you when I was overwhelmed. You are a gem, a true gift, of the Lord.


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