Use It Or Regret Losing It

I’d forgotten about them.

Over a year ago, I was shopping in one of those big box stores, buying essentials for holiday baking and entertaining. I needed chocolate chips, so I wandered down the aisle of baking products.

And I saw it.

A big canister of Walkers’ shortbread cookies. For a really great price.

For those of you unfamiliar with these little delights, they’re buttery rich, melt-in-your mouth cookies that leave the most dc6c191f-800c-4425-9f79-78be747249capleasant aftertaste.

My mouth’s watering just talking about them.

In the midst of all the Christmas preparations, I thought it would be wise of me to buy the cookies for those surprise drop-in guests that happen around the holidays.

Nobody doesn’t like shortbread. Double negatives be hanged.

I bought them and put them in the pantry.

We used them once. When someone came over late one evening, just to visit. The cookies went well with coffee. But there were only four of us. We would never eat the whole tin.  Four and a half pounds of cookies.

So I put the canister back in the pantry. Where I could see it.

The few occasions I thought about bringing them out didn’t seem special enough for serving them.

They sat in the pantry.

Last night I was throwing away old containers of things that had gone stale. Or bad. And I came across the canister of shortbread.

It occurred to me that these would be great to use for an upcoming gathering.

Until I looked closer at the canister.

d9b34054-2b1f-4dc0-90b2-5780bb3dc8d1The expiration date was three months ago.

Buttery richness doesn’t last forever. If you don’t use it, you lose it.

I’ve a genetic predisposition to save things for special occasions. I lose more saved things than I use them.

Growing up, Mom didn’t want us to use the living room. It was for special company. So we avoided it–unless it was to clean. I’m quite sure it was a lesson she’d learned from her mother.

I’ve got plates I only use when company comes. I’ve got real glasses that’ve barely seen light outside their cabinet.

What am I waiting for?

It’s not just things I do this with. It’s me. I’ve got dreams that I’d love to see happen. Talents I want to explore.

I’d love to write a book. But I’m always waiting till I have time. Till there’s a break in the schedule to really get into it.

Who am I kidding? There will never be a break in the schedule. And if it comes, I’ll be too old to really use it.

I believe God has invested us with talents that we’re to use for our enjoyment. And His honor.

They’re a reflection of Him. How He wants to shine through us.

But if we don’t invest time and effort into using what He’s given us, it’s no different than burying a gift to keep it safe.

It might be there, but no one will ever know.

I need to be more intentional about how I use what I’ve been given. And not be afraid to try.

I’ve no idea what my expiration date is. I’d hate to get there without ever giving my dreams a chance.

What are you waiting for?

8 responses to “Use It Or Regret Losing It”

  1. Thanks, Dayle, I needed this today!


    1. I needed it as well. I seriously don’t know why I put off what I know I want to do. You encourage me, my friend.


  2. Well said. I hope you tried the cookies, though — they are likely fine!


    1. Actually, I did. Stale, but not totally untasty!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Dayle, I save things for special occasions also! I resonate with you on this! I better let JESUS SHINE through me, as well – and not be afraid to TRY! [I’m getting close to my expiration date also!] Love and Blessings!


    1. Why do we do this, Lo? Is it something in our DNA that causes us to see the really beautiful and not want to touch it for fear we may tarnish it? Still thinking this one through, my friend. Love you.


  4. Remember Tom wrote “Grandfather’s Journal” ( when he was 78. It is never too late. Blessings


    1. Tom, those are words of such hope and encouragement! Thanks, my friend, for that reminder of hope. And that the journey isn’t over till it’s over!


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