Tripping Me Down The Highway

Many things trip me up in life.

It never looks pretty.

We were having a family dinner because my little sister, Janet, was in town for a visit. Having a blast interacting with the nieces and nephews. Laughter rang through the house as we told stories about family and shared memories, comparing perspectives on how we’d experienced growing up.

We talked of Mom and Dad and their nuptials. Janet had given me a picture of them on their wedding day, sitting with the two who stood up for them.a2b7e7b3-df17-42e3-98f8-8605bb6cd425 I hadn’t hung it on the wall yet. (Timeliness isn’t my forte.)

To help everyone have a visual of what they looked like, I ran into the office to fetch the picture.

And tripped over John’s briefcase as I made a mad dash through the hall. I landed flat on my face, hitting my knee first with the rest of my appendages and body parts swiftly following.


And perturbing.

I had a few thoughts–words–I needed to express. About John’s placement of the briefcase. His tendency to not put things away.

Pain caused me to go all bad on the boy.

It didn’t help that he was chuckling at my unfortunate landing.

It was, in his defense, dark in the hallway. I do have a tendency to not pay attention to where I’m going. (Just that morning I images-1walked into a bathroom stall and couldn’t figure out why it didn’t flush. After using it. Walked out–and had the “Out of Order” sign pointed out to me by a snickering friend. Never saw it.)

Things can catch me off guard when I’m not fully focused. When I’m not being intentional about my choices. I wander around as if I’m in the dark, stumbling over things I know are there but I’m choosing to ignore.

Choosing not to put the light on.

Like choosing to talk about people I don’t get along with. Gossip. Dropping suggestions that might make others think poorly of them. Binge watching TV because I don’t want to do anything else–especially responsibilities I don’t care about. Losing my temper with John because of something he never intended to do, but I’ve generously blown it out of proportion.

There are many dark areas. I never end up in darkness because I made it a point to go there. I get there by not being diligent to stay in the Light.

“You are my lamp, O Lord; the Lord turns my darkness into light.”   1 Samuel 22:29

God knows I’m predisposed to darkness. It’s my default mode. It’s easy to fall into it. It’s comfortable–for a time. Then I begin to run into things that are painful and hurtful.

He is my Light. His truth shines on my life and shows me the dark and prickly places that need to be addressed. Then He gives me courage and strength to deal with them.

I don’t have to live in His Light. I can choose darkness.

And walk around bruised and hurting.

Talk about a no brainer.






8 responses to “Tripping Me Down The Highway”

  1. Are we connected or what? I was researching light this morning.


    1. I know–I tried calling and you were off teaching it. Connected? Ya think?


  2. Oh my gosh! It’s so encouraging to hear that someone else struggles with this too. I love what you said, “I never end up in darkness because I made it a point to go there. I get there by not being diligent to stay in the Light.” Thank you so much for sharing!


    1. We’re all in the same boat, Beth. And it’s not a bad boat–just leaks a little! Well, a lot. Darkness is. Period. Not glad about it, but I can’t deny it either. Thanks for your encouraging words!


  3. Dayle, things can catch me also when I’m not fully focused! Like last night! I get there by NOT being diligent to STAY in HIS LIGHT as well! Thank You for the reminder and I better choose HIM – HE KNOWS ME WELL!!! Love and Blessings to BOTH!


    1. And focus is the challenge–and choice. Thanks for being the consistent encourager you are!


  4. Sheila Scorziello Avatar
    Sheila Scorziello

    Wow Dayle, you’re right! Too often we do choose to stumble about in the dark. When it’s so easy to step back into the light! A no brainer indeed!


    1. And there is the issue for me–choosing to step out of the darkness before it swallows me. Thanks for the encouragement, Sheila!

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