If Those Walls Could Talk

It was a great idea when I first had it.

Over a month ago.

We’d bought these cute pre-cut gingerbread house kits right after Thanksgiving. Thinking we would have a decorating challenge 927c93c6-ecee-4313-98e9-4be0dcba2ac8with Heather and Jeremy and their kids. Possibly Christmas Eve..

Like many awesome ideas, that went by the wayside.

We began putting them together several days into the new year. A winter project.

Now they sit, forlorn and undone, with the possibility of just being pitched before they’re ever completed.

I’d bought extra candy for this venture. Enough to use for decorations and mindless eating. If it’s not used, it’ll mock me. Beckoning me with its sugary goodness and promises of mid-afternoon pick-me-ups.

In my defense, this project wasn’t as easy as it appeared. From the pictures on the box, all you needed to do was slap the sides of the house together with a little frosting, add the roof with a little more, and presto! A house to decorate.

38a942e3-efdf-42b9-a22b-246071973249That was my assumption. I, of course, didn’t take time to read the directions.

Why bother when it seemed so obvious?

Ethan, at 13, is much more rules oriented than I am. He read the instructions.

“This says you have to wait an hour after putting the sides together and then two hours after putting the roof on. That’s three hours of drying time.” He looked me in the eye. “If we don’t wait, it won’t stick.”

So much for a spur-of-the-moment project.

We put the sides together and waited. We added the roof and waited. By then it was dark and I needed to make dinner.

And everyone had pretty much lost interest in creating these sugar plum delights.c911e782-b2c9-488c-b3de-5ce2ebfd34d5

They’ve sat in the corner of the kitchen table for almost a week. I work around them. Try not to look at them.

Ignoring them is not making them go away.

It’s humbling to realize that, even as this new year begins, I treat a lot of life like I do these gingerbread houses. Great intentions. Solid beginnings. Piddle out before it’s done.

Building walls, like building a life, is work. It takes time. And knowing the instructions. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t like waiting for the process. Growing time. For things to be right before I move on.

I want to do what I want to do. Now.

Saying that out loud sounds so entitled.

There’s a lot about life I don’t understand. Things that can make a difference in how I deal with the dailies. It would make sense to depend on the One who knows all there is to know. And knows me better than I know myself.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.”   Proverbs 3:5

God has proven Himself trustworthy. Having given us life, He knows what it can look like. His way works. Whether I choose to agree with Him or not.

Trusting God to hold my walls together? That’s an investment in time and effort worth making.







11 responses to “If Those Walls Could Talk”

  1. I just loved seeing the almost finished product, good word today, Dayle. I’ve got a few of those kinds of projects looking me square in the eye. 2016…here we come!


    1. Such a picture of life here–unfinished but possibilities. You know our gingerbread houses in heaven will be spectacular. Finished.


  2. I love you. Snd your blog. ( do I say that every day, or just think it!?!)


  3. And (not Snd!!)). (Hurting this morning to get to Otown. See you there. ❤️


    1. SO LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU!!!! (I’ve heard when you capitalize everything, it’s the same as screaming. With joy.)


  4. Dayle, I also have great intentions [unlike Ethan] and ignoring them isn’t making them go away! Building a LIFE IS work! And I don’t understand it either! I better stick with JESUS, as well! [HE KNOWS ME!] Blessings to you both.


    1. Great intentions come to just that–great intentions. Not finished product. Thanks for your love, Lo. We’re involved in this work together!


  5. Oh my… unfinished projects… so hard.

    I have read recently however that we often miss the positive side of even partial steps… at least you had some time working on a project together, right? 🙂 Or, at least I read some of the chapters of a book, even if I did not finish it. Or… at least I exercised a few hours, even if I did not keep my commitment to every day this week, etc. We can get down on ourselves when we could celebrate a few steps forward instead!

    Oh well… enough philosophizing for now! I’ll help you eat the M&M’s if they don’t make it on to a house!


    1. Love your thoughts, Ter. Yes, partial steps should be times of celebration, even if finishing isn’t in the works. It’s a perspective of hope–not defeat. Thanks for this!!!

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  6. At least you got yours out of the box! Laughing all the way!!!!! 😃😃😃

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    1. Great at beginning. Suck totally at follow through.


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