You’ve Just Gotta See This

“You’ve gotta come see this.”

John was yelling at me from the family room. Tiff and Ramsay had returned with Brooklyn.

Just shy of a month, Brookie was skootching across the ottoman.


I hear that a lot. “Come and see this!” “You won’t believe this.” “I had no idea.”abe98a10-b9c9-4f57-93b2-3af6719a8fbf

Something unexpected. Not anticipated. Often really positive. A wonderful surprise.

Like Brooklyn skootching. Or her first non-gas related intentional smile.

Those are the sweet times that bring grins. And appreciation.

There are those other surprises. Those times you’d rather not see happen.

Like the time Isley decided to draw on the walls and door in our upstairs bedroom.

With permanent marker.

c463e0b3-82cc-4178-8c29-03db51d7adccJohn’s “You’ve gotta come see this” wasn’t spoken with a chuckle. More like a groan.

Or the time I was driving my kids to the soccer field. Unfamiliar with the area, I was trucking along at well over the limit when I stopped for gas.

And found I was trucking fast in the wrong direction. Almost 100 miles from where I needed to be.

I had no idea.

Life is full of surprises. Good and not so good. Times when you want to grin. Other times when only a grimace will do.

You can bet the bank on the kind most people prefer.

Then there are those who don’t like surprises at all. Good or bad. They don’t want to be caught unawares. Unprepared for how to imgresrespond. Grins and grimaces both make them uncomfortable.

No matter where we fall on the spectrum of surprise enjoyment, these revelations will always illicit some type of response.

I’ve never hidden my responses well. Folks know when I’m pleasantly surprised or purely annoyed.

Back in Jesus’ time, when He was getting His ministry off the ground, He was challenging men to join Him in what He was going to do.

One man in particular, Nathanael, heard Jesus was from Nazareth. His response was, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?”

He wasn’t kidding. Nazareth was one of those backward villages that had never had anything spectacular happen there or come from there. Many of its people were illiterate. Nothing remarkable about the place.

To hear from his friend, Philip, that the Messiah was from Nazareth made no sense to Nathanael. His expectation, like so  many others, was that this Messiah would be a strong leader to free them from bondage. Someone from some place important. Like D.C. Or Rome.

Or at least, Jerusalem.

Philip’s response?

“You’ve just gotta come and see Him.”

Which he did. And discovered he had no idea of what he’d been talking about.

When folks today think of Jesus, many think in terms of a caricature of Him. Or evaluate Him on the basis of His followers.

Neither of which do Him justice.

I can tell you how walking with Him is the best thing that ever happened to me. How living in His hope is better than anything else I could possibly imagine.

But don’t take it from me.

You just gotta come be with Him. Let Him surprise you.

In a really great way.








12 responses to “You’ve Just Gotta See This”

  1. Sweet baby smiles! Aren’t you glad He gives us the gift of being delighted! The being lost thing. . . well, fortunately that’s one sided. Well said.


    1. Getting lost is a gift I have. Truly. And delight is something that I cherish–God is so faithful about delighting in me. And I want to learn to be more delighted by life in general. Crab and snark less. Enjoy more. Small order, right?


  2. skooching at less than a month….I would have to see it, too! Those little kicking legs can get one a long way, but maybe she’s just an overachiever. Ha. I love being wowed by Jesus, even when it catches me off guard. Not always at the time He is doing His surprising work, but afterwards there is always that sense of, “Who knew? Oh yeah, duh, He knew.” Happy New Year,, sweet friend.


    1. She is a prodigy–what can I say? I’m a totally unbiased Nana! But catching me off guard is what Jesus does to me regularly. Rather than whine, I’m praying this NEW year to try and say thank You first. Love you, Pen!


  3. Dayle, Life is INDEED, full of surprises – good and bad! Everybody knows my responses also! Think I’ll stick with JESUS – out of Nazareth, for HOPE, that is! Blessings and Love to You Both and Great Family!


    1. I don’t know why it’s so hard to remember that I can’t control my life. That surprise is where God operates in–and leaving it in His hands means I have to trust Him. Happy New Year, Lo, to you and Curt!


  4. Gosh I love your blog! And you. ( Do I say that every day!?!).


    1. Oh, Mar, your heart of courage and encouragement blesses me so much. Thank you, my friend.


  5. alice fredricks Avatar
    alice fredricks

    What a cutie Brooklyn is! Love the way you take everyday experiences and find a spiritual application, Dayle! Even a skootching baby!


    1. Oh, Allie, we’re all skootchers at heart! A little bit of movement here. A little bit there. And I’m glad we get to share it together–for at least a little longer!


  6. If only I yelled out, “You just gotta come see this!” about Jesus more often. He really does make a show every day… if my eyes would just be open to see. And then the love, awe, joy, excitement, and willingness to share that show with others… I want that. Thanks for the beautiful reminder, friend. I’m sending you an email about coffee together!


    1. I’d so love to have that response about Jesus, that I’d declare it to the world with no hesitation, no regrets, no fears. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Awe and joy and wonder and no ability to contain myself? ‘ll be looking forward to that coffee time together, Ter!


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