Periscope Up On 2016




“It’s water over the dam.”

That’s what Dad would say when something was done that couldn’t be undone. When it was time to walk away from fretting about what I couldn’t change.

Like 2015.

It’s a done deal. Finished. Can’t bring it back or change any decisions I made during this past year.

2016 is upon us. Many will engage in the tradition of making resolutions. For the most part, I see those as snarky, subtle weapons that beat on me when I fail at my attempts at change by January 15.

Another tradition is choosing a word to define my year. My husband has even gotten on this bandwagon. He’s chosen “intentional” as his twelve-month focus.

Another snarky weapon. Picking a word has always meant that word is how I need to grow. I get inundated with chances to do just that. By March I usually resent the word.

I’m not being Negative Nancy here. I know me. I want to approach the new year in a way that makes sense and is sustainable. A blessing of progress, not a burden of disappointment. I don’t want to ignore new beginnings. I want to embrace them and take advantage of fresh starts.

So rather than set myself up for failure–I’ve seen me do that so often–I’ve decided to change my perspective.

Rather than make the same resolutions–eat healthier, exercise more, watch less trashy TV–I need to choose to live instead.

Wake up each day and choose to live life to the fullest. Full out, full on, eyes wide open. Not default to turning on the TV instead of going outside for a walk. Not hiding in my room when I could spend time talking to my neighbors. Not getting down on myself when I don’t do things perfectly but being grateful that I’m doing things that need to be done.

Engaging in life. Every day.

Will I fail at this? Absolutely. “Candy Crush” will call my name, and I’ll waste an hour playing on my phone rather than calling someone I need to talk to. I’ll feel out of sorts and will watch a feel good movie, like “Leap Year”–for the umpteenth time. Challenges will trip me up, and I’ll get down on myself.

It’s called life.

God has given us the gift of each day. He’s given us the means to live it well.

In relationship to His Son.

“The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.”       John 10:10

The thief is the enemy of our souls. The one who wants to see us crash and burn. He thrives on our frustration, depression and defeat.

Jesus came to give us life. Real life. Satisfying life. Not stuff and clutter that can rot or burn. But purpose and meaning. Where waking up is hopeful. Not frightening.

I’m not going to expect the impossible for me. But I’m not going to ignore the hope of what I can do and become.

I’m counting on that satisfying life. Holding to that hope.

May your new year be filled with more hope. Less snark.




6 responses to “Periscope Up On 2016”

  1. Dayle, Hope I can stay out of that thief’s way in 2016 and stick with JESUS where waking up is HOPEFUL! [and INTENTIONAL but LESS SNARKY] Blessings and Love to you Both!


    1. Happy New Year to you and Curt, Lo. Thanks for being such a faithful reader.


  2. I am ready to take on 2016 with you… and LIVE this year to the fullest as we hang on to Jesus together! So appreciate you!


    1. I want to plan to see more of you this year. You’ve been such a sweet encourager and a faithful reader–you’ve no idea how much that means to me. Love you, Ter!


  3. Dayle, what a beautiful, hopeful post. I can’t wait to see how this plays out for you in the coming year. May you drink deeply from the living water this year, and may it flow freely from you as you hang with the rest of us. So grateful for your friendship. Thank you for speaking words of hope.


    1. Here’s wishing you–and I–can experience His rivers of living water running through our wilderness this year. His hope doesn’t disappoint! Love you, friend.


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