‘Twas One Of THOSE Days Before Christmas




‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the town,

Folks hustling and bustling, most wearing a frown.

Pockets feel empty, wallets lacking the cash

To satisfy demands for the desired Christmas bash.

Some lacked a job; others dealt with great grief.

Some had been hurting a long time with no hope of relief.

The signs shouted, “Bigger and better! Buy more!”

Who thought you’d feel pressure from some lousy store?

Parties were happening all over the place,

Making some just so tired of the ridiculous pace.

Families gathered together, but seemed to lack joy

‘Cause of unreal demands for more tech and more toys.

Some folks were grumpy, some depressed and quite blue.

They had no families they felt they belonged to.

Folks spoke of hope, of Christmas giving and sharing,

While others questioned whether there was genuine caring.

There were fights over words, not “Christmas” but “holiday”,

Many forgetting the reason we have honored the day.

So many demand tolerance, let everything be.

They forget that removes meaning, the hope to be free.

Nativities stand at churches and homes,

Getting no more respect than little lawn gnomes.

In the midst of all this, a soft voice is heard,

From the One born this day, the true Living Word.

“I’m not just a Babe, born in a small stall.

“I’m not just a good thought to wish one and all.

I’m not just a reason to celebrate this day,

I’m the One that brought life, so you’d each have a way

To reach up to heaven, be restored and made whole.

So you’d not have to work to make heaven a goal.

It’s a gift I brought on that first Christmas night,

The gift became real when I mastered the fight

And won the great battle against evil and sin.

That was Easter that happened, a chance to begin.

Please hear My voice, pay heed to My plea,

I’ve come so you’d have life, and have it abundantly.

I’ve come to forgive and give grace that you need,

To give you a hope, the promise to be freed

From the lies and demands and the dark of this life.

To live free from the guessing, free from eternal strife.

It’s a gift that I offer, not one forced on you.

One that gives hope forever once this life is through.”

So on Christmas this year, as you strive for the goal

Of being Santa to kids and friends as a whole.

Relax in the truth that the best Gift that’s given

Is the promise of love and forgiveness and heaven.

Jesus came to bring hope to a world full of pain

To give peace on earth to those who call on His name.

May your Christmas be filled with the hope, love, joy and peace only He can provide.















5 responses to “‘Twas One Of THOSE Days Before Christmas”

  1. Dayle, we are relaxed in the TRUTH that the BEST GIFT has been GIVEN – LOVE/FORGIVENESS/HEAVEN [with Vonette] – JESUS!!! Love and Blessings to both of you in HIM, Lois and Curt


    1. Vonette has gone home for Christmas–does it get any better? And having the assurance that we’ll be there, too, someday has got to be the best gift ever. Love you, my friend. Merry Christmas to you and Curt!


  2. I love this. And you. I say that every time but it’s true. (Sometimes I only say it to me but I always say it with enthusiasm ). Merry merry Christmas to you and yours! (I will see you in O soon and hug you BIG!! )


    1. Seriously? You’re coming to O-Town? What a treat–can’t wait! You, my friend, are a delight and a joy to my heart. Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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