I Think I Did It My Way

She’s definitely a keeper.

Brooklyn and her mom and dad finally got home late Monday night from the hospital. The place where people make it their job to keep you from rest so you can get better.

Tiffany had been inundated with people helping her. All the time. At all hours. Helping her and Ramsay adjust to their new baby girl and feel comfortable with her.

Coming home felt like a respite. A chance to sleep and segue into life as parents. As a family.b0d1e9cd-a1b9-443d-9d4c-34c1497e9dab

Brooklyn has some ideas of her own.

New parents often have a romanticized view of bringing baby home. Here is this new little being, totally dependent on you for nourishment and protection and care. A little one to love, who will love you back.

Putting it that way makes it sound like you’re bringing home a puppy.

Puppies, however, are fairly predictable. Babies are not.

Brooklyn, for all her cuteness and wonder, cries. When she wants to eat. When she’s messy.

2626c853-6783-4e01-8a0f-52c55fc0cb56Or for no discernible reason.

And that little sweetheart can get herself worked up into a tizzy.

Which can frustrate parents. It frustrated me with my kids. With no immediate language skills to calmly explain, “I’m really hungry, but I’m having difficulty learning this nursing thing,” it becomes a challenge.

Not insurmountable. Inconvenient.

Do I wonder why I want my way now? Why having things turn out in the manner that bests suits me is an issue?

I’ve had years to practice this. To refine demanding as a fine art form.

The Jews of Jesus’ time had their own demands. They were looking for Messiah.

They absolutely knew He would look a certain way.

Rome was oppressive. They were getting taxed by the government for living there, even though it was more a captivity experience than a choice. They were getting taxed by their appointed King Herod so he could  build things to his heart’s cc9815f8-179e-437b-a0a8-340fc38117dacontent. And even their own people (think Matthew) were taking advantage of them.

They weren’t being treated fairly, and they wanted justice.

Messiah would definitely be a strong King. A Warrior who would come in and save them from their miserable plight.

They got a Baby. Born of a humble carpenter and his bride. A humble Servant. Not a swashbuckling Warrior.

That wasn’t who the Jews expected.

It was so easy for them to picture what it should have been like. If it had been their way.

God had other ideas.

His agenda was to come in humility so the masses would listen to Him. Not a frightening Warrior-King, but a strong and gentle Shepherd who would give up His life for us so we could experience restoration and a right relationship with God.

Brooklyn? She’ll grow and learn to voice her needs. Her folks will learn her different cries. And adjust.

God? He’s speaking to us in the most obvious way possible–Jesus coming to live among us. In language and actions we can understand.

If we are willing to listen. And respond.

I guess my way may not be the best way.


9 responses to “I Think I Did It My Way”

  1. Ah, but what He entrusts to parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and whomever shall be Godparents.. oh my. And may I say, the baby and her name are utterly lovely! Many congratulations to her folks and families!


    1. Thank you, my friend, for the sweet encouragement. It’s amazing to be around a newborn and recognize that that’s exactly how I want to love Jesus–dependently, completely, knowing nothing and no one else can meet my needs. Ever.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Amen!


  2. Dayle, I’ll learn to adjust, also – just like Brooklyn, Tiff and Ramsay! And me – I’ll keep on with JESUS because HE keeps on with me in actions I can understand! Love and Blessings to you today. [Brooklyn is DEFINITELY a KEEPER!].


    1. Thanks, my friend. It’s nice to know that Jesus sees us a keepers, too!


  3. What a precious gift – a very beautiful, you-can’t-ignore-me, object-lesson-bearer delivered right in the middle of Advent when we most need clear and strong reminders of God’s presence behind the materialistic, busy chaos of the season. May Ramsay continue to give you these valuable insights… I can’t wait to read more! Wanting to want His way today…


    1. Me, too, my friend. And wanting so much to trust and lean into Jesus as Brooklyn is doing now with her folks. Totally dependent, totally comfortable with it, knowing her needs will be met and totally satisfied.


  4. I really love your blog, Dayle…and you! Is it ok if I say that every time I read it!?!?


    1. Mar, you can say that as much as you like–because I really love and appreciate you as well. Thanks for being such a faithful supporter of what I do!


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