Do I Really Need More?

Taking a five-year-old princess-in-training shopping borders on insanity.

Especially when her aunts have taught her the fine art of accessorizing. And the value of shoes.unnamed-5

Being a shoe minimalist, I find it intriguing that anyone would need multiple pairs of shoes for the same type of activity. However, I birthed daughters who are drawn to extensive wardrobes for the feet.

While her siblings were trying on sandals, Isley artfully surrounded herself with boxes of shoes. Opened-toed. Brightly colored. Some had heels. All had bling.

I asked her what she was doing. “I need shoes,” was her simple reply.

What must be understood is that Isley rarely wears shoes. Unless she’s standing on shards of glass or hot coals, she slips them off at the first opportunity. And consistently loses them. Like socks in the dryer, one shoe can often be found, but it’s frequently pairless.

I told her Aunt Melody would be proud. “Take my picture and show her.” Which I did.

unnamed-4Melody’s reply made Isley grin. “Did you buy her some?”

I can tease my girls from now till doomsday because I’m not a lover of shoes. They can fill an entire suitcase with the variety of pairs they will “need” for any trip, even if it’s a weekend.

I do understand the desire, the “need”, for more.

I need more sleep. There’s always more to do, or time to waste, that sleep frequently gets short-changed.

I need more time. I often over-schedule or neglect to exercise my “no” muscle, so I constantly feel pressured to get things done.

I need more fun. All work and no play makes Dayle a real cranky pants. Planning fun times with my husband has been an area of weakness for way too long.

I need more opportunities to develop who I am and prove what I can do. It’s easy for me to feel that I’m not being heard. That I’m limited in my impact because I’m not given a chance to show what I can do.

I need more dark chocolate.

Yup. I’m a gal with a sweet tooth.

What am I really asking for? More control? I’m not that great at controlling that for which I’m already responsible. Besides, control is a myth.

More stuff? My garage is full of “stuff” I don’t use.

I don’t think it’s more I’m looking for. It’s not more that satisfies long term.

It’s heart focus. Knowing that Someone hears my longings, confusions, frustrations, anxieties.

It’s having Someone to tell that life is unfair. Knowing He’s there to help me look past my circumstances to my reality in Him.

“Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need.”   Matthew 6:33

Jesus meets my needs. Not a bigger paycheck or increased opportunities at work. Not more hours in a day. He knows my deepest need is to be known, loved and accepted by Him. That’s the “more” that will satisfy my soul.

That and maybe a comfortable pair of soccer flops.







6 responses to “Do I Really Need More?”

  1. I’m smiling as I eat my granola, reminded on this good day that I need so very little for what Jesus said this morning out of John, ‘rivers of living water to flow.’ Great words, Dayle and such a fun way to communicate it. Thanks.


    1. Jesus is enough, isn’t He? And sharing in that reminder with others, hearing others say it to me, is always an encouragement. Thanks for your kind words, Kev.


  2. Dayle, I’m with Melody and Isley [without the bling] of course! And heart focus is what REALLY matters! [Thanks for the message of Matthew 6:33, as well]! Blessings all around!


    1. Why is focusing my heart so much harder than focusing my head? My words? I love that you get my girls. And I love that you get me. Thanks, Lo.


  3. OK, you got me, Dayle. What on earth is a soccer flop? I’m not that into shoes but I like ’em. I like all fashion. It’s an art form and the way some folks express themselves. I, personally, need all the arch support I can get in a sandal so I have 2 pairs of expensive but casual-looking sandals. The daily ones are Vionics (tough straps attached to a Vibram sole). The “fancy” ones consist of wide black leather straps attached to a medium wedge heel.

    That’s it. That’s all I wear unless it’s a wedding or a funeral. I got both pairs at a good shoe store on Park Avenue in Winter Park, FL. They have served me for a year and a half with no signs of wear. Can you believe it?

    Come visit, Dayle. Our guest room is lovely and I’ll leave you to it unless you want an outing, in which I know some great spots to drink coffee, talk or be quiet. Auer hospitality is darned good. Ask Anne Fallow or Helena Jarva…for starters. 🙂

    This is a serious offer. Use some air miles and take a break. It’s glorious weather here now and my lemon tree is dropping me offerings daily. Ahhhh…….


    1. A soccer flop is the most comfortable shoe in the world. A unique rubber thing that cushions your foot in sole heaven. Easy on and off. And I’d love to come visit you, my friend. I’ll have to talk to John to see when it could work. Love you.


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