Below-The-Surface Boo Boos

I don’t know what’s wrong with him.

Snot runs like a stream from his nose. His cheeks are rosy and covered with slimy boogers. He can’t breathe and swallow at the same time.

Ryken, at eleven months, either is teething or has a cold. The symptoms look a lot alike. The flushed cheeks make me think it’s a cold. But the fact that he gnaws on everything like a puppy and slobbers like a mastiff makes me think it’s teething.unnamed

It hasn’t slowed him down one bit. A cold would make me a bit of a cranky pants. I’d slow down and let you know why. If my mouth was sore, I’d be a bit touchy. Or snarky. Or both.

Ryken just keeps smiling.

And moving.

It would make it easier to deal with whatever he has if he could just tell us what his problem was. If the issue was clear.

But he can’t. And it’s not. So his poor mom will have to address both issues.

How often do I find myself addressing the symptoms rather than knowing what’s going on in me? How many times do I gloss over what’s really going on in my heart and deal with surface issues because it’s easier?

unnamed-1Coming back from the summer in Colorado felt like that. I was tired. Testy. Not always pleasant in the way I addressed issues. Or people.

It was easy to address my lack of sleep. I made it a point to get to bed earlier. Turned off all technology an hour before I usually do.

Didn’t do diddily squat. Nothing.

I cut out excess sugar. (Key word–excess. Some sugar is essential for sanity. And preventing me from stealing candy from children.)

Didn’t do diddily squat. Nada.

What I needed was heart rest. Not just a change of scenery. A change of perspective. Not just a nod to my circumstances.

Jesus had an answer for my symptomatic issues. For those times when I’m not really myself and don’t know why.

“Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”   Matthew 11:28

I need to be intentional in spending time with Jesus. Reading His Bible so I can hear from Him what He has to say about me and how I can live effectively in this world. Letting Him love me by believing what He says about me.

I’m like Ryken. Just plow through. Don’t slow down because things aren’t quite right. Just wipe my nose if it’s running.

And move on.

Choosing to spend time with Jesus consistently is tough. It means giving up something else. Or organizing my time better.

Jesus knows my heart. Coming to Him with my need allows Him to deal with more than my symptoms. He deals with the heart issues that produce them.

That’s more than a nose wipe.

That’s internal medicine for my heart.







4 responses to “Below-The-Surface Boo Boos”

  1. Thanks for the sweet reminder, friend. I need some of that time-with-Him medicine today too. And maybe a hug or two from an empathetic friend! Felt that from you. ❤️


  2. Oh my gosh!!! I LOVE this blog….what and how you write. So grateful you are note done ‘giving birth’. You are so GREAT at it. All those amazing kids and NOW birthing this blog. Gosh I love it!!! And YOU. If I keep saying this, it’s because I can’t help it!! (You know me!!!)


  3. Dayle, think I need to be INTENTIONAL about my time with JESUS – [but like Ryken, I just move on and please wipe my nose now.] Blessings, Love and Thank YOU!


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