Hopping HOA Hurdles

We got a certified letter the other day.

I cringed.

It wasn’t a life or death issue. I knew who it was from. Hence the cringing.

It was from our HOA.

At varying times, hearing from them strikes concern or annoyance in my inner being. This is obviously not a first time occasion. Long ago I discarded the known moniker of Home Owners’ Association. They’ve been forever–in my head–Hovers Over All with a Horrendous Oversight of Annoyance.

John and I joke about them. We’ve been called on the carpet for having our swing set visible from the street, for a cement bench unnamedin our front yard (put there by friends of our kids–the HOA seemed to believe our norm was to steal three-ton cement benches from the green area to adorn our home), and for our street numbers falling off the house.

Justifiable concerns.

This time it had to do with mold on our house. I was perturbed because we’ve been gone all summer, and it’s been a particularly hot and wet summer.

OK, so the problem began to exist before we left. But really. Couldn’t they understand that we’re doing the best we can? And time and money would be allotted to the necessary work projects as they came up?

Actually, no. They don’t understand. As John has reminded me time and again, they are an organization that has rules they must hold to for the good of the subdivision. Because of the diligence of their oversight, we’ve got a beautiful neighborhood. Most of the time I whole-heartedly agree with their regulations.

Until they affect my life.

Consequences resulted. As they always do. We spent a greater part of the weekend pressure washing house and drive.

unnamed-1The heat index was over 100.

This is challenge of living where uniformity is a plus and a pain in the neighborhoods. People at times need to be encouraged to care about their houses and yards. No eye sores allowed.

It makes me grateful that God doesn’t deal with me like an HOA.

Yes, He has set rules for us living in His world. There are absolute truths and values that must be acknowledged. It’s how we’re able to live together even with our differences. And there are rules that will get us into heaven as well. No guess work involved.

We have to be perfect.

Many don’t acknowledge or follow those rules. And none of us is perfect.

But God didn’t leave us at the mercy of an uncaring heavenly HOA. He made it possible for us to know we’d be with Him by sending Jesus to pay the price for our wrongdoings. He took our consequences on Himself.

It doesn’t give me carte blanche to act any way I like. He lives in me which gives me a strength beyond myself to make right choices.

But I blow it. Regularly. Yet His grace is sufficient for all the wrong things I continue to do.

Because I’ve asked Him to pay my debt–my HOA fees, so to speak–I’m guaranteed heaven.

I can live with His rules.

God’s my Heavenly Oversight Advisor.


12 responses to “Hopping HOA Hurdles”

  1. Uniformity is overrated


    1. Amen to that, sweet friend! And who would ever accuse us of being uniform in anything?


  2. Just threw away yesterday the green HOA rules that regulate our place, Dayle and John! [Interesting way to spell our name!] I better look to JESUS for my consequences/HOA because HE pardons me for the wrong things i continue to do and HE is my HOA also! Love and Blessings!


    1. We’ll all be throwing those lists of rules away one day! And I’m so looking forward to that! The beauty of God covering my “fees” never ceases to amaze me. Love you, Lo!


  3. Love how you take life’s lemons and help us see how God sweetens the lemonade. So blessed and encouraged by this timely reminder. Thank you!!


    1. The citrus in heaven won’t be bitter! How’s that for fun! Thanks, March, for continuing to be a kindness to my heart. Miss you already, sweet one.


  4. I love this, Dayle Rigers—–and YOU!! Ant that wonderful wonderful John. If the HOA really knew you, you would be their favorite!!!


    1. Oh, Mary! You’re my favorite! It means so much–in this world of everyone and their uncle writing thoughts out there–that you’d take the time to read mine. I so appreciate it. Love you, my friend.


  5. Not gonna be any rules in our heavenly HOA! Hallelujah! 🙂 I hope we get houses on the same block!


    1. We’re going to have time to talk. And have coffee! I think the coffee in heaven will be amazing! I’m looking forward to not feeling so bound by rules all the time. People like you, my friend, are great for helping me push those boundaries!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I liked your blog, Dale-thank you for sharing. Katie


    1. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read–it really means a lot.


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