Broken Balloons And Big Reveals

I can remember when the big reveal was answering the phone to find out who the caller was. Or waiting for school pictures to come out to see how dorky I looked. Or taking a roll of pictures to see if any turned out the way I’d hoped.

Technology has changed a lot of things.

The creativity behind gender reveal parties for unnamed-1upcoming births has become a Pinterest lover’s dream.

Our daughter, Tiffany, and her husband, Ramsay, are expecting their first child the first week of December. They found out at their last appointment whether it would be a boy or girl.

Not really.

They wanted it to be a surprise to them as well. The doctor put the information in an envelope, which they gave to our youngest, Debbie. It was her responsibility to figure out how to craft a party around this.

Our local Party City was my daughter’s partner in crime. Purchasing the biggest balloon she could get, she filled it with the necessary color–and some gold confetti to boot. Because how can you have a party without bling?

Both sides of the family gathered at our house, with cell phones Facetiming all five siblings that weren’t there. Those that thought it was a boy stood on ones side; the girl-guessers on the other.

unnamedLike the countdown to the New Year’s ball dropping, we counted down and Ramsay popped the balloon.

Pink and gold came cascading out. Five-year-old Isley was thrilled. She immediately named the baby Pearl and began talking to her.

I’m not gonna lie–I feel somewhat cheated. I’ve had six kids, and never once was I assured of the gender. I had many tell me what they were sure I had. They’d be right. Fifty percent of the time. My big reveal came with the final big push. Five girls, one boy.

All had wardrobes with lots of green, which was the unisex color of the day.

I’m happy for folks nowadays to have the chance to plan a little. To prepare nurseries to receive a little boy or girl.To mentally and emotionally prepare as well.

Life rarely gives me such guarantees. Where I can be totally prepared. Ready for what comes.

Sometimes the big reveal is my decision. Who I’m going to be that day. What part of me will show up–good Dayle or snarky Dayle.

“As a face is reflected in water, so the heart reflects the real person.”   Proverbs 27:19

The truth of my heart is revealed in my actions. Who I am is defined by what fills my heart.

If my heart is grounded in Jesus, I’ll reflect His character, His truth.

If my heart is embracing the ways of the world, with my demands driving my desires, I’m going to reflect the darkness around me.

I don’t need a broken balloon to prove that. All I have to do is open my mouth to see what attitude is displayed.

What does your heart reveal about you?


14 responses to “Broken Balloons And Big Reveals”

  1. What a sweetly unique gender reveal with everyone being informed at the same time — I just love it! Kudos to you all! What a fun family this child is coming into! And very good points you make!


    1. You, my friend, are more than gracious. Thanks for your encouragement and kind words.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post Dayle! Loved the deeper meaning behind the word reveal. Thinking a lot about my heart lately and what drives my decisions. Congrats to the expecting couple and your family on the upcoming addition. She is blessed beyond measure!


    1. Thanks for being a consistent encouragement, neighbor! And congrats again to Linds and a new son-in-law in the picture!


  3. A party without bling, Dayle – really! I have to go with Isley on this one – talking and all! Blessings to ALL – especially Tiffany and Ramsay on their December date! [ Thank You for reminding that all we have to do is OPEN our MOUTHS to see what attitude is displayed, also!] Better keep chasing JESUS! Lois with Curt


    1. The problem is my mouth is often open way before my mind is engaged–which always leads to problems. You’d have loved seeing Isley talking to Tif’s tummy. A real conversation. Thanks, my friend. You rock.


  4. I have to admit… Baby sex reveal at birth is one of the very few surprises I’ve actually enjoyed in my life. I’m not usually big into surprises (probably that control thing again) but God has sent some pretty goods ones over the years! Celebrating with You and the family!


    1. Surprises are wonderful–especially if it’s a hoped for baby. The control thing will always be an issue at some level–I can’t manipulate my life for anything! But God sees fit to bless me with family–and friends like you. For which I’m grateful!


  5. Lee Anne Sorgius Avatar
    Lee Anne Sorgius

    Congratulations, Nana!!!!!

    Love ya, Amiga!


    1. Thanks, my friend. It’s a sweet blessing. Wish you could have seen Isley talking earnestly to baby Pearl. And she’s SO convinced they’re going to name her Pearl.


  6. Hmmm… Surprises… I had a lot of suprises in my life the last 10 months, more than during the last 10 years… They are changing me, making me a different, but I hope better person… I’m still discovering what my heart says about me… Meditating on it every day… Thanks 😉 I was a silent reader but I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster award on my blog; you are one of my favorite deep thoughts blog and I’m glad that I discovered you 😉



    1. You, my friend, have really encouraged me with this and with the nomination and with your gracious comments. It’s taken me a bit to answer because we’ve been hosting people in our home for several weeks–and, as is my norm, I got behind in emails. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

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      1. You are more than welcome, it was straight from the heart 😉


  7. Love this! Great words and word plays. I can imagine Isley…and actually Courtney doing something like that! Maybe I should talk to my tummy before I talk to others and reveal to them the gunk that I’d prefer to hide when I don’t let Jesus talk thru me.


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