Broken Pedestals, Fallen Heroes

imgresGrowing up, I fell into a habit of watching Sunday afternoon football with my Dad.

A Texan, born and bred, his favorite team was the Dallas Cowboys.

Or anyone who was playing against the Chicago Bears. Living in the Chicago area, I think that was his way of saying you could take the boy out of Texas, but Texas grew deep roots in the boy.

He’d talk about players he respected. Some who were legacies of the game–Roger Staubach and Bart Starr . Men who’d left their mark on the game, on the team members they played with. On the fans.

My Dad valued integrity.

I enjoy a good football game–I typically watch the Super Bowl. OK, maybe more for the commercials than the game. But I imgres-2watch.

Sunday, being Father’s Day, was a time when I didn’t gripe about John watching ESPN. His day after all.

There was a report about Deflategate that I wasn’t all that familiar with. I watched.

Any time “gate” is added to a word, to me it means the media is typically beating something to death.

Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots, has been accused of encouraging people working for the team to deflate game balls before a playoff game. I guess it makes it easier to grip and catch.

Makes sense.

It appears there are reasons to believe he had something to do with this. He, however, wants to be exonerated. Declared not guilty of the charge.

I’m not judging the man. If he’s guilty, goodness knows he’s probably not the first to do this.

He’s become the poster boy for the NFL. One of the most popular and successful players in the game. Someone folks held in high esteem. Especially boys who aspire to play the game.

Whether he’s guilty or not, Brady’s integrity is being questioned. His image has been tainted by what people presume he’s done.

People tend to be quick to knock heroes off pedestals.

Fact is, none of us belongs on a pedestal. No matter how good we are–or think we are.

Making mistakes, not living stellar lives, falling far below the level of perfection that so many strive for, is the human condition.

The Bible calls it sin. In God’s economy, it means missing the mark of His standard of perfection.

Which is total purity.

“For everyone has sinned; we ALL fall short of God’s glorious standard.”   Romans 3:23 (emphasis mine)

imgres-1Is Brady guilty? Possibly.

Truth is, we’re all guilty of not living lives of purity. Whether in action or thought, we all blow it.


That’s why Jesus came. To die in our place. To pay the price for all the things we do wrong.

Have done wrong and will do wrong.

Pedestals? Those are horribly rocky places to try to live.

Only One deserves it. And He didn’t seek it. He came to live among us as one of us. To show us God. And forgiveness.

His pedestal was in the shape of a cross.

Who are your heroes?

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2 responses to “Broken Pedestals, Fallen Heroes”

  1. Dayle – I agree that NONE of us belongs on a pedestal and calling it SIN is definite! [Thanks for your reminder in Romans 3:23!] My HERO IS CHRIST, also!


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