Fly The Flippin’ Kite!

I’ve a dear friend up north who I don’t get to see often. We’re as different as any two people can be, but we get each other. We spent formative years together, when our kids were young, making many of the same mistakes. Getting frustrated about the same things. Being joyfully inappropriate. Just for fun.

When I received a package in the mail from a far away place with no known return address, I was curious. Upon opening it I unnamedfound a shirt. With kites flying across it.

Confusion. Recognition. Grins.

I called my friend to thank her. She called it whimsical. It was a remarkable gesture of love that came in the middle of a week of hard things and too much thinking.

I love whimsical.

We talked about what it would be like to be a kite. Floating gently on the breezes. Dipping and diving.

Her response was quite logical. She’d rather be a bird and not have anyone hanging on to her string. Too limiting. Too controlling.

Ah, but birds work at flying. Finding food. Making nests. Kites don’t work at anything. They dance on the breeze. The purpose for their existence is sheer fun.

climax kite logo 1I remember as a child flying kites with my brother and sisters in a wonderful field. With few trees.

We rarely had more than one kite, so the four of us would take turns holding the string. Our heads craned back at impossible angles. Watching the floating colors moving further and further away as we let out the string.

I would imagine how incredible it would be to float so high above the ground. Resting on the wind. Moving where any breeze would take me. Dancing so close to the clouds that I knew just a little more string would let me touch them.

When it was time to go home, the great disappointment of bringing the kite down was heightened by how wrong it looked landing in the grass. Earthbound.

There’s something sad about a kite not doing what it was made to do.

There’s something uncomfortable about anything not doing what it was made to do.images

Even me.

Would I love to dance among the clouds? Yup. Be free to glide unconcerned on the breeze? Yup.

Be held back by a string? Not so much.

But I’m not a kite. I was made to reflect the One who made me. A purposeful creation full of possibilities and promise. To live life with dignity. With a heart shaped to fit into the nail-pierced hands of Jesus.

The world often says believing in Jesus is a crutch. But if there was a way to walk with Someone who knew the road I was taking, knew how hard it would be, knew where I would need help, would stay with me no matter what, I’d be a fool not to invite Him to accompany me.

It’s what I was made to do.

With a little whimsy thrown in. For fun.






8 responses to “Fly The Flippin’ Kite!”

  1. I don’t have your gift with encouraging words, but I will say this: your essay made me want to float away on a warm breeze and then come down and work hard doing what He created me to do.


    1. Debs, you encourage me and others more than you will ever know. Your heart of warmth and compassion comes through CONSTANTLY! And I’m the blessed recipient of that love.


  2. Even I remember flying kites, Dayle! And I’m not a kite either. I better seek HIM to live in Dignity, Hope and Grace. HE knew the road I was taking also, it’s what I was made to do! Blessings in HIM.


    1. Thank you, Lo. Thanks for continually reminding me that when we soar, it’s not because we make the wind!


  3. Being the professional Mary Poppins that I am (or rather, WAS), I constantly have “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” in my head as well as agenda. Worked pretty well in the other windy city of Abq. Except for the crashing to the ground part. And the getting stuck in a tree part. And the not enough/whoa, way too much string part. That all sucks. Oh wait, are we talking about me or the kite here???!!! But for the record, a hot air balloon ride tops it all. Just sayin’. Either way, soar on, my friend. (Being well grounded isn’t all that bad either, and you are that as well as whimsical – so call it schizo, but I prefer to call it perfectly balanced!)


    1. I so love you, Pen! Your heart has always been for others. Your love has always been full and freely given. And you have, in so many ways, taught me how to soar when there doesn’t feel like any wind at all.


  4. Dayle, I love what you have written. Your words hold out hope.

    “A purposeful creation full of possibilities and promise. To live life with dignity. With a heart shaped to fit into the nail-pierced hands of Jesus.”

    I hope you keep writing.


    1. Oh, Annie, you are such an encourager! I feel sometimes like my words tumble from an unknown place–and then I figure it’s the Lord who has brought thoughts to mind that I can’t even begin to come up with on my own. Thanks for affirming me. In more ways than you know.


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