Together is Better

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I’ve come up north to visit my mom and sisters. Timely. Necessary.


The fun part is being with my sisters. We share a lot more than DNA. As different as we are from each other ( I believed I was the adopted one even though no one in my family is adopted) we connect at so many levels.

We laugh at the same goofy and often inappropriate jokes.

We say a word that reminds us of an old song and we break into spontaneous harmony.

We all have similar “Mom” stories that help us appreciate how we’ve had to deal with growing up in a challenging home environment.

We all love Jesus.

And we care deeply for each other. Which is a good thing because growing up we made sibling bickering and fighting a fine art form.

We’ve been woven into each other’s stories. Tightly. Knit together by hard and confusing times growing up. By the difficulties of adulthood and the responsibility of caring for others.

By the deep commitment we have to each other.

We’ve walked and talked and laughed together. We’ve disagreed and discussed and dissected our circumstances.

I know I’m lucky.

Not just having sisters I care for. Having safe people who speak truth into my heart and have my back whether good Dayle or bad Dayle shows up.

They know me. They tolerate my wordiness. Even when I interrupt them. They get that it takes me longer to get going in the morning. They tease about my attempts at healthy eating–and then willingly share my flax seeds and chia “pets” sprinkled over yogurt. They read what I write and encourage me with their thoughts.

They know me.

I have friends that know me well. People who are willing to share the messy side of their story. Friends who know I won’t ridicule or walk away from their pain or confusion.

Our stories intersect in a powerful way. And I’m better for having each of these individuals written into the pages of my story.

Life is an ongoing narrative with characters entering and leaving. Some have major impact. Some are more minor. But each one has significance because people are valuable.

We’re to add to one another. Not detract. Not take away from. Be there for one another. As people. Because people matter.

Therein  lies the beauty. We build on each other.

It’s what we are all are supposed to do for one another.

“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deed.”  Hebrews 10:24

All of humanity has been made in the image of God. Emotions, intellect and will. Capacity to love others well. To forgive others freely. To walk side by side with those less fortunate. Those hurting.

My sisters have been examples of this to me. Loving and encouraging. Helping me be a better me.

Who are you helping become a better person?

8 responses to “Together is Better”

  1. I’m wordy also Dayle, even when I interrupt and Curt has my back. He knows me and people do matter! But even better – Jesus KNOWS me – and I better stick with Him and let Him teach me how to spur one another on to good works! [Because I don’t have and sisters or brothers!] Blessings to you and John!


    1. You do have sisters and brothers–heart ones, my friend.


  2. What a precious gift! Enjoyed getting to know you and your family a bit better!


    1. We are a quirky bunch, I must admit. And I’m the tame one!


  3. Favorite funny part of this post: “…chia “pets” sprinkled over yogurt.” Bahahahaha!

    Favorite resonance part: How people are designed to add to our lives. Soul-sticking truth. Love you.


    1. You are, by far, one of the funniest, most sincere people I know. Thanks for these words–coming from you, it means something.


      1. It’s a genetic thing.


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