I’ve discovered I’m a bandwagon kind of a gal.

Not a sheep, mind you. But if something comes along that sounds good and is helpful, well, why not?

Through the years I’ve attached my wagon to a variety of newfangled fads that promise to help me stay or get healthy. I’ve gone from putting yogurt into everything to using tofu with a lavishness that my husband and kids despised. I’ve gone the supplement route, healthy smoothies (whoever said green is good had to have a bit of bovine in them), going gluten-free, even though I have no issues. All in the name of staying healthy.unnamed-2

My latest “find” is coconut oil. It’s great to cook with, a wonderful face wash, and a great exchange for those needing to avoid dairy. (Which would not be me.)

My kids tease me about the different things I use it for. Or circumstances where I suggest it might come in handy. To the point where, when the question is asked, “What should I do for…?”, someone shouts, “Coconut oil!”

I fail to see the humor in this. It is a useful product to have on hand.

unnamed-3So iunnamed-2magine my utter amusement to find that my daughter, Heather, wanting to make her hair softer, looked at Pinterest and found coconut oil was a nifty trick. Apply it like conditioner after you wash your hair.

Which she did. Only to discover that it’s a dickens of a thing to get out of hair. Rather like coating your tresses with motor oil.

She looked a tad bit like the greaser chicks in the movie, “Grease”.

It took some extra shampoo and a little elbow grease (pun thoroughly intended) to degrease her hair. But it did feel softer. Eventually.

It’s so easy to join the happy train with those whose testimonials for a product promise the stars. The problem is that we never really settle on what stars we want.

I’m always chasing that next thing that will make my life easier, better, more efficient, healthier. Promises from products that make me look better, sleep better, feel better, work better.

Why do I fall for those things that promise they will improve my life? Only to be disappointed?

I’m looking for the quick fix. It’s the American way.

When the apostle Paul was suffering from some unnamed malady, he begged the Lord to take it away. He wanted the quick fix. The relief. No more pain.

“Each time He said, ‘My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.'”   2 Corinthians 12:9

Not a formula. Not a product. Not something we can do or apply or put on or consume. What we all need is grace. God giving us the forgiveness and love we can never earn on our own through the One who took all our darkness on Himself. We get the riches of God at the expense of Christ’s death.

It’s a relationship with the God of the universe who sees me and knows me. And has chosen to love me.

It’s remarkable how much more is in that relationship than in coconut oil.









12 responses »

  1. debbyshehane says:

    Good morning. Good blog. I’ll most likely kill you in the evening.


  2. Gail Peck says:

    I had to laugh when I read this Dayle….having recently suffered a severe bout of colitis, I can’t tell you how many folks have given me advice about the latest and greatest, including coconut oil. Probiotics in pill form, whatever that is ranks near the top of suggestions, but if that doesn’t work, there is always peppermint oil or coconut water. 🙂


    • daylerogers says:

      Isn’t it a hoot that we try so many things? And there’s always the next best out there waiting to be discovered–and made into a goldmine for someone else! Thanks, Gail!


  3. mackeylois says:

    I’m always looking for a quick fix as well, Dayle! Curt , like John and the Kids, turns up his nose at my use at noon of your same kind of slathered coconut oil on my pump-rye bread with peanut butter and jelly…M M M good! [Better I keep my eyes on HIM – like Paul!]


  4. Ella says:

    Great stuff Dayle my friend….our eyes focused on what He can do..to conform us more into His imagine, and not a sweet 16 model!!!!


  5. Penny Wermer says:

    Guess grace is about the only thing where “moderation in all things” and “too much of a good thing is bad” doesn’t apply, huh? Well…there’s always MY go-to: Grapeseed oil. Ha. 🙂


  6. Penny Wermer says:

    haven’t tried it on my hair, just for cooking. 🙂 Neutral taste unlike olive oil, and doesn’t get rancid at high temps like olive oil does. High smoke point, neutral taste, what’s not to love? Might have to try it in my hair…but I will let Joe or Esther go first.


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