Where Is The Wear That Should Be Under There?

I’ve packed enough suitcases in my time that it’s become second nature. Throwing things in that are the necessities. Things I always use.

For a retreat this past weekend with some of my favorite people, I packed quickly. Without thinking. But the plan had been practiced many times before. I had this down.unnamed

The lack of thinking in the moment, however, became my undoing when, upon waking at the retreat the next morning, I realized I’d forgotten certain essentials. Dainties. Necessities.

So much for the understood plan.

Options at that point were limited. I won’t bore you with the decision making process. Not comfortable.

Part of our retreat was an afternoon to do “girl” things. Shopping outlet malls. Mani-pedis. Hanging with one another and talking. The ways many of the female gender get energized.

Necessity had me heading to the outlets. Which is never my go-to choice for free time. Shopping and I are an odd couple–I do it out of need rather than pleasure. And if I can avoid need, even better.

What made this fun was I wasn’t alone. My cohorts in the pursuit of retail therapy were gals I love to be with. A couple of them had purpose in shopping–shoes, clothes, outer essentials. We chit-chatted about what we were going to look for, and when it came to me to say why I was shopping, it was a little embarrassing.

unnamedGrown women don’t forget these kinds of things.

They shared my discomfort with understanding. And lots of grins.

Life is filled with good–and great–intentions. Accomplishing things. Planning things. Getting things done that seem of incredible significance. To me.

My planning is rarely complete. I can’t take into account the things I don’t see or know yet. I’m limited in my scope, even though I’m passionate in my purpose and plan. I’ve got blind spots, even though I may have energy to get ‘er done.

God has no blind spots. He knows everything.

I don’t. Holding tightly to plans I’ve made, being inflexible in my willingness to adjust or reconsider my ideas could backfire. And often does.

“You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.”   Proverbs 19:21

Planning isn’t the problem here. I need to plan–but I forget details like it was my job. As was obvious this past weekend.

I struggle when I’m holding tightly to plans that I’ve worked on, plans that I see as good, which don’t happen the way I see them happening. When my way isn’t working.

I don’t know the big picture, the whole story. I see only what’s in front of me. What my finite mind and eyes can take in and process.

God sees it all. Knows it all. And His plans for me are far better than the ones I can come up with.

That bag’s been packed. Completely and well.











6 responses to “Where Is The Wear That Should Be Under There?”

  1. Oh my goodness…I am sorry but this was funny!!! And being a fellow noon-shopper I sympathize. So how long DID you consider going commando? HA!


    1. oops…non-shopper, obviously. Must need another cup of coffee b/c I so do not have a clue what noon-shopping looks like! I avoid that time in any store!


      1. That’s another reason you and I get along so well. If you remember Budapest, we spent time walking, looking, observing and running into coffee shops to get coffee and get warm. I don’t think shopping had anything to do with it.


    2. The fact that you actually wrote that cracks me up. The fact that I’ve experienced that cracks me up even more.


  2. It’s a good thing that God knows and sees all, Dayle, and HIS plans are BETTER than mine! [Thanks for your reminder from HIS WORD!] Now you can really shop til you drop!


    1. We’re so loved, aren’t we? Thanks, sweet friend.


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