When It’s Time To Dance To A New Song

There’s something wonderfully encouraging about celebrating what people have done. Recognizing how they’ve impacted lives around them.

Especially if one of those lives is mine.

We’ve been in Washington, D.C. this past weekend honoring a couple we’ve known and worked with for many years. They’ve been significant in ministry, developing contextually needful ways of sharing the good news of Jesus.

We do have our differences. We’re from the Midwest and they’re not. But what binds our hearts together, allows us to walk lockstep with each other, is our families and our faith.

Each of us has six kids.  We became friends over shared hearts and shared challenges.unnamed

At a time when large families aren’t so much the norm (unless you’re huge fans of the Dugger’s on TV who have more than three times the number of children we do) this was a significant connecting point. A place where we could compare notes and perspectives.

And Christmas pictures. (Ours never quite seemed as put-together as theirs did. They’re kids were just more cooperative than ours.)

So having the opportunity to celebrate Charles and Rebecca Gilmer was not only a chance to honor the work they’ve done through their commitment to the cause of Christ. It was a chance to celebrate friends who’ve lived their passion with excellence.

And a lot of humor.

This was not about a journey finished. They’re very much alive and excited about next steps. It was a chance to reflect on the work they’ve done and encourage them in their next phase of the journey.

Charles has chosen to go back to school at age 55, to begin a new path in seminary, so that he and Rebecca may influence a whole new segment of society with the wisdom of what they’ve learned over the years. Through family and ministry.

You’ve got to be impressed with the courage and commitment that kind of decision calls for.

unnamed-1At a time when many folks are gearing up to finish as best they can in what they’ve been doing, Charles and Rebecca are switching it up. Changing gears. Accepting new challenges that many might see as pie-in-the-sky crazy.

They see it as purposeful and necessary. A call on their lives. From the One who created them to be who they are.

They’re acting on what they’re hearing from God.

“But you are the ones chosen by God, chosen for the high calling of priestly work, chosen to be a holy people, God’s instruments to do His work and speak out for Him, to tell others of the night-and day-difference He made for you–from nothing to something, from rejected to accepted.”    I Peter 2:9-10

We came together to honor where they’ve been, what they’ve done and where they’re going.

When you can do that for people you respect and love, it’s a reminder of the really great things God does in and through the lives of others.

Celebrate? Oh, yes. That’s a song that gets my feet–and my heart–moving.









10 responses to “When It’s Time To Dance To A New Song”

    1. You’d love them–gracious and edgy and fun.


  1. I remember in Washington D.C. this past September having a very meaningful convo with Charles, and thinking to myself that he has been a pioneer, a courageous example of taking new ground when it could have been much much easier to do otherwise. Sounds like he’s up to his old tricks again…bravo! I love that spirit in a man!


    1. It’s because it’s the same spirit in you. Courageous pioneer.


  2. So glad you could be there to celebrate these friends of yours, Dayle and John! Too often we do that after they’ve gone on to Heaven! May God bless them as they pursue their new calling!


    1. So true, Ali. Why wait to celebrate when now is what we have? Great words, my friend.


  3. Blessings on you, Dayle and John, as you encourage the Gilmers! And keep on respecting THEM as they act on what GOD is telling THEM to do! Thank you for your reminder from I Peter 2, as well.


    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Lo. Showing up is sometimes the best thing to do.


  4. I have struggled to get my head around my thoughts these days and commenting on your awesome posts has been one of the casualties… however, I wanted you to know that I still read, and laugh, and smile, and get challenged, and encouraged by each of your posts… this one included. What an amazing privilege to work shoulder-to-shoulder with folks like the Gilmers… and the Rogers 🙂 … and get to celebrate together God’s work in and through us. We are truly blessed, aren’t we?!


    1. Comments aren’t necessary. They’re just bits of you showing up, which I love–but I know you are my friend. No matter what. It’s a privilege to work with you and Steverino in this walk of faith and obedience and hope. Always.

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