All You Need Is Love–And Some Stuff

Valentine’s Day is probably my least favorite holiday of the year. Not that I don’t enjoy the idea of romantic love. I do.

The pressure of hearts, flowers and chocolates is a bit overwhelming. I’m part of the problem. I always forget to buy cards. (Making them is outside my comfort zone. I stopped that in the third grade.) I shouldn’t eat chocolate–its addictive nature feeds on my slightly addictive personality. And I prefer my flowers growing in the ground. Not dead in five days.unnamed

You could call me the Valentine joy sucker.

I wasn’t always this way. When I was younger and we had Valentine parties at school, I loved picking out cards for the rest of the students in my class. And thoroughly enjoyed receiving them. Everyone had to give each person in class a card. It became comical to see what the boys could give to the girls without making their lives complicated.

High school was just painful. Guys giving their girlfriends balloons and flowers. There were those who had a plethora of posies. Then there were those whose mothers gave them a flower. Major embarrassment. And there were those of us who walked around pretending it was all a big joke unnamed-1and couldn’t care less about stupid flowers.

Of course, receiving a flower would have changed that attitude immediately.

My kids used to complain about the hated holiday. If you weren’t dating someone, it was the day of the year you felt the loneliest and least desirable.

I would have chosen to skip this holiday completely and jump from New Year’s to St. Patrick’s Day. Love those leprechauns.

I get that the holiday is a celebration of love. Love needs to be celebrated unnamed-2and encouraged.

My cynical self is coming out. Where’s my romance?

Love is more than scented candles and dark chocolate. If it were that easy we’d all be lined up at stores, stockpiling scents and sweets to get us through those times when we feel we’re unlovable and unloved. If flowers were what it took to be loved, florists would be the highest paid professionals on earth.

There’s something about long-term commitment and selflessness that doesn’t translate easily to things. Something about for better or worse that doesn’t look bright and cheery all the time.

Love costs. God gets this because He chose to love us in spite of our response to Him. Loved us enough to sacrifice His best when we didn’t care.

“This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down His life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers.”   1 John 3:16

Love is thinking more of the other person than yourself. Not expecting to get back whatever you give. Giving of yourself because you can’t imagine the one you love having anything less than your best.

That’s a sweet scent of satisfaction that good chocolate can’t ever compete with.




11 responses to “All You Need Is Love–And Some Stuff”

  1. I couldn’t agree more… although I am available to eat the “I shouldn’t eat” chocolate anytime with you!


    1. Are you back? We need to make a chocolate date!


      1. Yes! I am back! Coffee and chocolate on me! Let me know when you might have time!


  2. Bravo Zulu for having the courage to write this so need review of V – day. Betty and I as such had a spat in high school and sent no V – Day card or gift and then have never celebrated the day. If you have had time to read “Grandfather’s Journal” you will see that next year we will celebrate 60 loving years together and cannot tell you how much money we have saved :). Blessings


    1. Money saved, yes. Hearts honored, respected and cherished even more. Congratulations on almost 60 years. Loved the book!


  3. There’s something about long-term commitment and selflessness that doesn’t translate easily to things. Something about for better or worse that doesn’t look bright and cheery all the time.👍😊😊😊


    1. You are so very right! I appreciate your thinking–especially since it dovetails with mine!


  4. Like Christ does, Dayle, Curt and I have a long term commitment to each other. I couldn’t agree more – LOVE DOES cost. And like Christ again; GOD gave HIS BEST when I didn’t care. It’s AWESOME and so is HE! Thank you for your reminder in I John 3. [I would like to jump to St Patties Day also – it’s Curt’s Birthday!]


    1. Thanks, Lo. It’s hard to recognize how much I need love. It’s harder to imagine how much it cost our Lord to pay for that need. I appreciate your heart of encouragement.


  5. Well, I’m going to be different. I kind of like the day and enjoy sending love notes to my family and giving one to my lover on this day. I love the dozen red roses I got from him and his loving card, too. Maybe my experience of unconditional love from childhood to now helps. AND God makes us all different. Love you, too, Dayle, I really do! 😊


    1. Ali, you and Gar have always had a uniquely beautiful loving relationship that I so enjoy seeing work out day to day. I still say I’d love John and I to be like you all when we grow up.


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