Where In The World Am I?

We all have our challenges. Those things that complicate life by their mundane pettiness but are nonetheless always in our sight.

I’m vertically challenged, for example. I claim to be 5 feet, three inches, but I’m, in fact, a half inch shy of that. It’s not an issue worthy of concern. Unless I sit on chairs high enough to keep my feet from touching the floor. Dangling leg syndrome. Or constantly need to hem everything I own.

I’m mindfully challenged. I lead with my heart. Rarely thinking before I speak or act. Not a problem, unless I need to be objective. Unless I need to consider facts before making comments. Think foot in mouth issues.

But on a certain day last week I was directionally challenged. Needing to go to a part of town I wasn’t familiar with, I plugged my IMG_5870destination into Google maps and set out. Not a problem till I got within a mile of the place. And then it got funky.

I recalculated. And went back. And it got funky again.

So I told Siri the destination, figuring two minds are better than one. Now two voices were chiming in on my iPhone. And they weren’t agreeing.

I called a friend who was heading to the same place. And she told me what I’d missed. That the road did a total loop that wasn’t clear on either of my GPS voices.

My directional quotient tanked. I failed to find my way.

Before GPS, I had no problem pulling over and asking folks for directions. I was quite comfortable admitting to being lost. Being unfamiliar with new places. (My husband, however, photo (6)was one of those men who’d stop only if they were certain we’d ended up on the wrong continent.)

With the convenience and availability of directional maps and lovely voices telling me where to go, it feels so much worse to not be able to find my way. Rather like being a loser. Or loster.

Life often feels like that. I’ve many people who give me good advice on what to do, how to do it and where to go with it. But sometimes it just feels wrong. Or empty. Or uncomfortable. Or unsatisfying.

And I feel lost.

I sometimes feel lost from God as well.

“My people have been lost sheep. Their shepherds have led them astray and turned them loose in the mountains. They have lost their way and can’t remember how to get back to the sheepfold.”   Jeremiah 50:6

But God never intended us to stay lost. He came to seek us, to give us what we need to find Him.

“For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.”   Luke 19:10

Being lost in places in this world is a temporary problem.

Being lost from God forever is an eternal problem.

He sent Jesus to be our divine GPS. God’s Personnel Savior.

Trust me. His voice is sweeter than Siri’s.








8 responses to “Where In The World Am I?”

  1. His voice is sweeter than Siri’s! I like that, Dayle. Thanks for greeting me this morning with your fine sense of the spiritual, lessons to chew on, squeezed out of every day life.


    1. You, my friend, are truly a generous man with your kind words. I appreciate it.


  2. Excellent post Dayle. But, you seem to have lost your way with measurement. I am 5’2.5″. Need I say more?


    1. You really know how to point that ruler, don’t you? Love you, friend.


  3. I better seek JESUS, Dayle, because HE IS my Personal Savior, as well! Thank You and Blessings to you both for the reminder in Luke 19:10 – and HE came for me also!


    1. Being lost isn’t such a horrible thing if I remember I’ve already been found. Love you, Lois!


  4. I’m a little behind in my reading and emails Dayle. I love your perspective in this entry. I can relate. I think we feel foolish if we have lost our way and have made a mistake. We don’t want to look bad and so that is why we would rather find our way on our own. Not being driven by performance is a life-long struggle and journey!


    1. You are a true heart encourager, a woman of gentleness and tender words. Thanks for reminding me we’re in this together.


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