It’s Not Over Till The Fat Tree Goes Down

This is not something I particularly enjoy. Not something I look forward to

Putting Christmas away. Even writing that seems sad.

There’s the cleaning up of the decorations and the tree trimmings. Packing them away for another year. Getting all the bins back in the attic. Me dangling from the hole in the garage ceiling as John passed up bin after bin.

The tree itself was dry as bone. Granted, I hadn’t checked the water level in the last week and a half, but it wasn’t drinking huge IMG_5806quantities any more. It recognized it was dead and was giving up its ghost. I just didn’t expect it to be given up so quickly. Getting the tree out of the house resulted in more needles on the floor than on the tree. Expected. Not appreciated.

I loved that tree. It was full and tall. The kids said it looked pregnant because of one area on it where it poked out like a tummy. But it was a lovely tree, wafting fragrance through the house and shining it’s lights on us during the Christmas season.

A season it is. I walked into my local big box store yesterday to pick up a few food items IMG_5804and found Valentine’s Day being heralded.

I’m so not ready for Valentine’s Day.

My heart wasn’t very happy.

It all feels so rushed. All the things I love about Christmas seem to have drifted away like so many tropical clouds in a windstorm. All the kindness and charitable generosity of the Christmas season has turned into the stress and pressure of the new year. Tax ads are everywhere. CPA’s are in their glory. People are banking on tax returns to help them pay for their lavishness over the holidays. Parents have had enough of school IMG_5803vacation. Children have had enough of parents. The sweet temperaments of pre-Christmas obedience, anticipating gifts, has given way to entitled attitudes and grousing about anything petty.


And now we’re to focus on making hearts happy with flowers and candy.

In a month and a half.

I want a slow button. A reminder to live today, not thinking about what has to be done tomorrow. Not worrying about what won’t–and may not–happen for awhile. Being present with people who are here today. Recognizing that this is the day I’ve been given. There are no guarantees for tomorrow. To live with intention the time I have now.

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”   Psalm 118:24

God has given me today. To live and enjoy and do what I do with all that I am. Full out, full on, eyes wide open. Doing it with intent and heart.

Christmas is done for the year. Valentine’s Day will come. But today–well, today is God’s gift to me. I want to fill it to the brim with what matters. With those who matter. Make it a day worth remembering. In the small and simple things. The daily and mundane. Be present with today’s stuff. Today’s people.

And be glad I did it.




12 responses to “It’s Not Over Till The Fat Tree Goes Down”

  1. So well said, Dayle! Thanks.


    1. Thanks for your encouragement. This is an area of constant struggle! Which is funny in some respects. Focus shouldn’t be harder than just looking. But it is. I appreciate your reading.


  2. I woke up very stressed this morning. Focused on everything except the day at hand. Your post was perfect for re-aligning my perspective and helping me live think about living full out in the present – today. Thanks, dear friend. You are a treasure.


    1. Well, treasure sister, we have this thing about connecting heart to heart. It really is all about perspective–and I love that we get to talk about it. Would love to do it more!


  3. I look forward to Monday mornings, Dayle [even though I’m doing wash] because you always have something to enlighten my day! And wow – today jumping around with a number of things on my mind – did it ever! I want a slow button, as well! Today is indeed HIS Gift to me and I long to be glad in it! Thanks for your reminders from HIS WORD!


    1. Can I just keep you? You always know the right thing to say. Love you, my friend.


  4. Karen Shoemaker Avatar
    Karen Shoemaker

    Thanks Dayle. I really needed that reminder to just focus on today. Woke up feeling the “let down” from the last month – with all of the sweet memories along with all of the challenges. Was not ready to start a ‘new year.” But I don’t need to. I only need to focus on today and what The Lord has for me and desires of me today. Thanks for the re-focus! Miss you.


    1. Miss you, too, Mrs. Shoe! So wish you were closer. You know, there’s a house down the street from us–just went up a couple of weeks ago. I can put a hold on it for you!


    1. And amen! I can see your grin now even as I write this.


  5. Slow down, you move too fast. Got to make the morning last! Just kickin down the cobblestones. Lookin’ for fun and feelin’ GROOVY! Love you.


    1. Love this song! Love you more! And you are the grooviest of the groovy!


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