Do You Have Something For Me?

She stood by the door, hands behind her back, and asked the question.

“Do you have something for me?”

Isley, at four, is already a quick wit and quite verbal. I’m no Einstein, but I’m not slow either. But she had me stumped.

“Something for you? To take home? Like chips?”unnamed

It was the first thing that came to my mind. We’d had an informal gathering of FSU alums (and pseudo alums) to watch the FSU/Florida annual rivalry game. Isley, who loves her chips, would often take the extras home.

“Do you have something for me?”

She persisted. I was clueless. Her mom walked into the room as she asked again.

“Do you have something for me?”

After a moment, Heather got it. I guess I birthed quick thinkers.

unnamed“Honey, it’s not Christmas yet. We’re just getting ready for Christmas. That’s why the tree is up. The gifts don’t come till later.”

Our tree was up. Bare bones. No decorations. But Isley had been inundated with Christmas everything. In stores. In front of homes. At school. They’d gotten their own tree and had decorated it. With all that intense hype, it was no wonder she thought the gifts were coming. Immediately.

Disappointment doesn’t have a calendar. Isley was remorseful, not because she wasn’t getting gifts now. But between TV ads, store decorations, and the talk she hears around her, she had an understanding that something was supposed to happen. And it didn’t.

Being a compassionate Nana, I just wanted to give her something to make her smile. Anything. An old stuffed animal. An open bag of chips. Something to keep her from feeling so disappointed.

Because I don’t like being disappointed.

I’m not a “things” person. I’ve got enough stuff–and frankly, we just decluttered. I am, however, a fairness person, an opportunity person. Which could easily be translated as a control person. I get disappointed when things don’t work out the way I expect they should. When my plan doesn’t seem to jive with that of the cosmos.

It’s when I’m troubled and discontent that I need time with Jesus. To sit and listen to His response to my question, “Do You have something for me?”

“I am leaving you with a gift–peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. unnamed-1So don’t be troubled or afraid.”   John 14:27

Disappointment is an unpleasant part of life. This is the time of year of mixed emotions. The joyous celebration of the the coming of Messiah. The hope for all of us broken people. But it’s also a time when our brokenness can get the best of us. Loss looms like a black cloud over those who grieve the passing of loved ones. Fear darkens the hearts of those who may have lost jobs or homes. When celebration seems the farthest thing from our hearts. When joy is only a word on a card.

Sit with Jesus for a quiet moment and ask Him the question. The one that you desperately want Him to answer.

Do You have something for me?

He does. And it’s sufficient to give you hope and peace now.

That’s the best kind of gift.





9 responses to “Do You Have Something For Me?”

  1. How precious it is that daily we have the promise of meeting with Jesus if we will only find the time. i.e. Quiet Time


    1. You, my friend, have hit it on the head. The fact that we have the wonder and privilege of a relationship with the God of the universe means it makes sense to take the time to be with Him. I love that He wants to be–and delights in being–with us.


  2. Beautifully written, as always. You have such an incredible knack for succinctly capturing the divine in the ordinary. Love you, lady. P.S. You know you need to publish these all as a devotional book, right? 🙂


    1. You, my sweet friend, are too kind. I just happen to think on the level of kids. As does someone else I know and love. Thanks, Pen!


  3. Like Isley I don’t like to be disappointed with all the news about everything either Nana. I’ll take those “chips” to the bank, Dayle! And boy do I need HIM then and HIS peace the world can’t give – Blessings and thanks for the reminder!


    1. What I write I’m saying to myself. It’s the question I need to ask myself all the time. Do You have something for me? And recognizing that He has given me Himself.


  4. Wow! Thank you!


    1. The giving of a “wow” is always a wonderful gift. Thanks so much!


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