Channeling My Mitty

When you’re around babies, it’s easy to dream.

What will they be when they grow up? (I’m still asking myself that question.) What will they enjoy doing? What will they be good at?

Dreaming is the springboard to trying. It’s where we all begin and get past where we are. It’s hope with great potential.

With Huck in my arms and his folks out for some couple time, I watched The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, starring Ben Stiller. The iconic movie of dreaming of a better life.imgres

I watched Walter with a heart of compassion, as he zoned out, dreaming of what he might be. Fantasy was his default. Short-circuited by his lack of self-confidence, he endured his job. He was good at what he did–a negative assets manager at Life magazine. His attention to detail, his commitment to excellence in his job weren’t recognized or appreciated by new management. And when he appears to have lost the negative for the cover of the final issue of Life, he has the impetus he needs to finish well. To do what he’d been tasked to do. Without fear.

imagesTo live life as well as work at Life. Becoming adventurous, courageous. Outrageous.

The transformation from zoning out in a fantasy life to living the fantasy is a journey of bravery. Stepping out without worrying about getting stepped on. Not compromising in your purpose, your goal. It’s easy to make a movie about this; it’s harder to live a transformational life. To go against the flow. To follow your dreams. For Walter, the more he followed his dream, the less he had to take refuge in his fantasy.

Walter had a muse as he began his journey of self-discovery. Cheryl Melhoff. The new girl at the office. Who inadvertently became an encourager. And he had a friend who believed in him. Sean O’Connell. Walter had no idea of the support he had from that friend.

Walter grew in his understanding that he was believed in. He needed to hear it from others. That what he was doing mattered.imgres-1

We all need to hear it.

I can be a driven person. But I need the encouragement of others in my life to keep going. Keep trying. Dreaming segues into action with those who will come along side and affirm my direction.

God talks about us, especially those who are like-minded in Him, being there for one another with words and actions that encourage dreams to become reality.

“Let us think of ways  to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.”   Hebrews 10:24

Those acts of love and good works are the stuff of dreams. How to make a difference. How to leave an impact on my world. I need others to encourage me not to quit. Other Jesus-followers to see my efforts as valid. To tell me what I do matters. As I should do for others.

Dreaming can be costly, but the greater loss is if dreams aren’t pursued. With integrity. Hope. Heart. Becoming more of who God knows I can be.

Way to go, Walter. You made your dreams a reality.

Mine are waiting for me to do the same.

Huck? He’s got some time to dream.

What dreams do you need to pursue?

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3 responses to “Channeling My Mitty”

  1. Reblogged this on Lines from Lynn and commented:
    Too bad it took me until about age 40 to learn this lesson.

    Please enjoy this great post from my friend Dayle . . .


  2. I need others to encourage me not to quit also, Dayle. But I better be about focusing on the ONE who really doesn’t want me to quit – but motivating me with LOTS of acts of love and good works! Blessings and thanks for your reminder in Heb. 10!


    1. You are always there for me, my friend. That is a gift from God.


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