When The Cost Of Loving Is Worth It

They grow fast the first several months you have them.

Puppies and babies. Perish the thought I’d ever confuse the two.unnamed-1

I’ve been spending time with my new grandson, Huck, in Austin.

It’s been four weeks since I’ve seen him. He’s grown. A lot. More interactive. More focused. More fun.

He’s now his own little person. With a face that changes by the moment in light of his circumstances. Whether he needs input. Or has had too much output. A fully present, very engaging little man who has some very definite ideas of what is important.

And a unique way of letting everyone know he’s needy.

unnamed-4No matter how fussy he gets, how persistent his cries for help in whatever straits he finds himself, no one is bothered by these needs. Or in wanting to meet them.

His folks are tired. Huck isn’t sleeping through the night yet, so having his wishes satisfied in the wee hours of the morning are part of the parental job description. They anticipate the time when a full night’s sleep will be his reality, but they don’t begrudge him this phase of life. It’s expected.

As Nana, I can step in and help. I’m not bothered by his cries or his fussiness. I know it’s part of the story of a growing child. Been there, done that, have the puke stains on shirts to show it.

But I can’t do for him what his parents can. I can’t be them.

I love coming alongside to help. I enjoy holding and soothing him for a time. But I’ve done the child-unnamedrearing part of my life. I’ve been the parent and have seen my children grow and launched. I don’t have the energy to do for Huck what he needs from his parents now.

I enjoy watching his folks love on him. Talk to him. Play with him. Soothe him when he’s so crabby that no one but mom or dad will satisfy. And they’re enjoying him. With all his neediness and inability to do for himself.

This is exactly how I want to be loved. How I want to be cared for. How I want to be seen by someone who thinks I’m worth that kind of time and effort. That my neediness won’t be overwhelming. That the times I’m unable to do for myself won’t derail a relationship.

When God dealt with a very rebellious Israel, He never abandoned them. No matter how annoying or disobedient unnamed-1they were.

“I have loved you, My people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to Myself.”   Jeremiah 31:3

A Father’s love that’s unfailing. Never gives up. Never walks away from a difficult situation. Or a difficult child. An embracing love that never lets go. That never wearies of the needs of that child.

I see God’s love reflected in how Jillian and Mark love Huck. Graciously. Allowing for his shortcomings. Nothing so hard that they’d walk away from him.

It’s how God sees me. Because He knows me and my junk and still loves me.

In God’s eyes, I’m worth it.

Do you recognize your value to God?




Second photo courtesy of pedigreedatabase.com.

11 responses to “When The Cost Of Loving Is Worth It”

  1. Precious pictures. Precious truth. I’m better at recognizing worth in others, I think, but experiencing it myself really gives me energy and motivation to more intentionally guide others to Him. So very important on many levels. Thanks again, Dayle!


    1. I would agree. Seeing value in others comes much easier–maybe because I’m not as hard on them, don’t expect as much from them as I do from me. But valuing people means valuing them enough to lead them all the way to Jesus. Thanks for that reminder, Ter.


  2. A beautiful picture of our helpless and hapless state, but so well cared for by Abba. Thanks, Dayle you bring a face to transcendent truths. And I love the picture of Huck in the basket…only in Texas?


    1. The Texas baby-in-a-tub thing gets me every time. Thanks for your encouragement, Kev. Coming from you–that means a lot.


  3. [Loved the picture also] A month already Gram! Bet that little Huck has grown! Better keep my focus on HIM and what is really important! HE knows where I’m needy! Like Huck’s parents and I can’t be them – I need to keep my interaction with the ONE WHO meets my needs. i know HE WILL NEVER abandon me! Thanks for the reminder in Jer. 31! [Don’t give up, Dayle and John Blessing us, either!]


    1. I love this grandma bit. So much. Thanks for the input and encouragement, my friend.


  4. alice fredricks Avatar
    alice fredricks

    What a darling little boy!! Yes, and at times crabby and needy…just like us but as you put it so well, dearly loved in spite of it all! Just like we are in Jesus’ arms! Thanks again for bringing a spiritual truth from life experience! Love you and miss having you in O town!


    1. Thanks, Allie. Being with newborns is a learning experience that I’ve often forgotten. A chance to see someone so totally needy and often annoying being loved so well by grateful parents–just because he is their child.


  5. Precious pictures of little Huck! Thanks for sharing… because frankly, Dayle, I don’t think I’ve ever thought about Our Father loving on me and parenting me like that — even in my crabbiness and irritability. But you’re right, He’s not phased and He doesn’t walk away and leave me to wallow in my filth. Thanks for tuning my eyes to Jesus, Dayle.


    1. You are always so kind and encouraging.! One of the beauties of being around a newborn is seeing how a parent handles the tediousness of crabbiness. I’ve been amazed–and enlightened. Thanks, my friend.


  6. Penny Gulbranson Avatar
    Penny Gulbranson

    such great pics! And I can fully believe you all love on Huck till the cows come home, and beyond…just like God loves on us. Thanks for such great pictures…real and mental!


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