That Wouldn’t Have Been My Choice

They didn’t really want to be there. But where else could they have been?

Teagan and Isley would have preferred being anywhere other than the soccer field. Neither were playing. Neither wanted to watch their sibs play. Since they’re not of an age to have a driver’s license or to stay home alone (ages 8 and 4), to the games they went.

Weekends mean soccer. I’m obsessive enough that I now go to my grandkids games.

Even after having logged hundreds of games with our six kids.

Just because something is done a lot doesn’t make it easy. Nothing was helping Teagan and Isley feel better about being at these games. This wasn’t their choice. It was hot and muggy, and we were outside for hours. The “I’m bored” phrase began popping out like mosquito bites–small and annoying. There wasn’t much free space to play in because the tournament was using all the surrounding fields.

But the family dynamic was at play. Choose family. Support family.


The only viable option if anyone could actually watch the games was the one default of every young person in the western world.

Technology. Bring out the iPhones.

With games to play and videos to watch, the problem seemed to be solved. And we could watch the games in peace.

Heather, being the conscientious parent that she is, knew that too much time on any of these devices would turn their brains to mush and their attitudes to those of a Tasmanian devil. Teagan so blocked out the world that he played under his shirt. Seeing this, Heather chose to limit their time on the iPhones.

unnamedTake away technology from a child and you attain Meanest Adult status.

I can lump God in that category on occasion. Not that He’s a mean adult. But when my plans don’t seem to go along with His agenda, and I feel denied or made to wait, my reaction too often parallels that of Isley and Teagan. A little self-centered. As if it’s all about me.

But what’s amazing about God is that He doesn’t impose His will on me. He gives me a choice.

“But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve….But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”   Joshua 24:15

We all serve someone or something. Whether it’s money or pleasure or power. Or just me thinking I’m the center of my universe.

Choosing who I will follow, who I’ll allow to have the ultimate say in my life, is identifying what I will not compromise on. Life values. What I will believe no matter what the cost. Choosing who or what is worthy of my allegiance.

Anyone less than an almighty and all powerful God isn’t worth my time.

That may be uncomfortable, but it’s a choice that trumps technology.

I’ll choose family any day. God’s family.








6 responses to “That Wouldn’t Have Been My Choice”

  1. Like I said, Dayle – you “deserve” Isley and with Teagan thrown in, well…You think and write better! And that Heather of yours really knows what’s what! Also God IS God – and gives us a CHOICE [as well with Joshua, I’m going to keep TRYING to serve HIM]. Blessings!


    1. You, my friend, are the one I can count on to read and engage. Thanks for your constant encouragement. You and Isley need a coffee date! Or soda date!


  2. Excellent, Dayle. In answer to the two questions we are all asking: “Am I loved?” and “Can I have my own way?”, God answers: “yes” and “no.” That second answer is the tough one. But in the midst of it all, God comes up with incredible surprises that only He could orchestrate–a poetry-quoting check-out clerk at Target!


    1. You make me smile, Patters. Thanks for the encouragement. Getting my way seems desirable but always leads to greater issues and consequences. Who knew?


  3. Children are truly a mirror into our own soul. We see in them a younger, cuter version of our own sinful selfishness. Thanks for sharing your rich, gentle, valuable stories with us! Love being part of HIS family with you!


    1. We are genuinely sisters from another mother! Love being your relative in heart!


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