I Really Can Finish–Maybe

It’s been nine months since we had a renovation done on our home. John, in all of his graciousness, had most of it done while I was away. A spectacular new look for a very worn, very well lived-in home. A joy to behold.

But they didn’t finish it.

There aren’t huge issues. But I see them. All.unnamed-2

They put in a new mirror and light fixture in the downstairs bathroom. Which  necessitated cutting a new hole to fit the new fixture.

The old hole is still there.

If I go in there late at night, I imagine things crawling out of that hole.

Too much imagination.

The faucets on the sink look odd. When you first notice them, you know something isn’t right but can’t quite put your finger on exactly what that is. Then you realize one faces forward, the other faces unnamedsideways.

I sometimes leave the water on so they’ll be even.

The one that really creeps me out is the issue under the kitchen sink. They never put the panel on that finishes the bottom of the lowest cabinets. There’s a large, gaping hole beneath the kitchen sink that, I’m convinced, is home to more and larger crawly things.

I tend to move a lot when I’m in front of the sink. I don’t give anything time to latch onto my toes.

Most who come into our home don’t notice any of this. Unless I’m in a peevish mood and point it out.

I’ve been peevish a lot lately.

I’m not ungrateful. I just want the job finished and finished well. We paid for a completed job. Is that too much to ask?

That’s when I hear that small voice of truth and conviction in my head whispering, “Look who’s talking.”

True. I have a bit of a problem with finishing. Following through. Completing what I’ve begun.

Like most people, I’ve got great intentions. I’m also quite predisposed to saying yes to what people ask me to do.

That creates a perfect storm of impossible expectations. Watching so many ideas begin well. Then peter out as my energy folds in on itself. So many great projects that need to be finished. So many wonderful ideas that could be developed. So many dreams that should be fulfilled.

It makes me grateful that God finishes what He begins. While I’m great at undoing, He puts things right. In His Way. In His time.

“And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue His work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.”   Philippians 1:6

I’m a work in progress; not finished yet. No one’s really “finished” this side of heaven. We’ve all got rough spots to smooth out and gaps to fill.

I may struggle with finishing things well, but God’s plan for me is to make me more like Jesus. In His time. His way.

He gives focused, personal attention to each who are His. One person at a time.

And when He says I’m done? That will be a better me than I can imagine.






15 responses to “I Really Can Finish–Maybe”

  1. I wish I worried as much about the unfinished issues in my heart as I do about the unfinished projects in my home. So glad God is the Master Builder and the Expert Renovator! Thanks for your encouraging words this morning, Dayle!


    1. If I could look at me as a project with the knowledge I will be done instead of a stubborn person fighting the Master Craftsman, I think I’d do better. Thanks for your kind words, my friend. I miss you.


  2. I really had to laugh at this one. Do we have to be so much alike?


    1. Oh, sweet Lynn, I’m in your head and you’re in mine! You make me smile!


  3. sure needed this one today…so much still in boxes, so much I don’t know where to put, and so much I want to throw away but not sure if I can discard things without making someone feel like I am discarding the memories that go along with them. Ugh. So glad for the reminders on God’s construction on me as well as the others I love in my life.


    1. I so love you, Pen. You’re in a “Project in Process” mode for sure–but it’s one filled with love and hope. And if stuff doesn’t get done or gone through, it won’t end the world. Why can I see that easier for you than for me? Love you!


  4. You’ve gone to meddling, Dayle! I’m glad, also, that while I’m great at undoing, He DOES put things right, In HIS way and HIS time.The beginning of Phil. !:6 in the ESV says…and I am SURE of this…[Me too!] Blessings!


    1. Oh, Lois, not meddling. We just think alike. Really alike. I’m walking in your path, my friend. Your footsteps. It’s good to know I have someone ahead of me who has the right perspective and is in it for the right reasons and the long haul.


  5. Once again, great post. And I love the pictures. We do begin to go about life, ignoring our gapping holes while we notice the holes of others. It’s so easy to be critical while giving ourselves a “free pass” for any number of excuses. Thanks for the challenge.


    1. Thanks for seeing even more deeply into the dilemma! You’re insights are always such a blessing.


  6. Read this to Gary on our way to work this morning! We chuckled but YES we’re all unfinished and praise God we don’t have to work on ourselves…God does it!


    1. It’s funny to know in my head I’m OK with not being finished if I know God is doing the work to finish me well. That doesn’t always get to my heart. You two continue to be such sweet supporters of my efforts. Thank you so much.


  7. As I read your post I started thinking about all the unfinished construction projects in our home and how much it bugs me. But your perspective about God not being finished with us yet is such a great reminder. Thank you for sharing Dayle.


    1. Well, my friend, we seem to have issues that are alike! The whole “unfinished” thing is a challenge no matter where it is. But the reminder of me being a work in progress is something I struggle to really grasp and can sit with. Thanks for the encouragement.


  8. Loved the picture of dressing out heart with which attitude.


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