And The Name Goes On

My son, Mark, was raised with five sisters. Five girls telling him what to do. Five girls emoting around him and in his face most days of the month.

Early Sunday morning, he and his wife, Jillian, were blessed with their first child. A son.unnamed-2

You can’t help but grin about a divine statement like that.

God remembered Mark.

Huck Ryan Rogers came into the world quickly. Which makes a ton of sense to me. Jillian is a marathon runner. She ran the day she went into labor.

Huck was in a hurry to get out.


He’s added a dimension to Mark and Jillian’s lives that is unique. A huge blessing and an even bigger challenge.

He’s made them parents.

There’s something incredibly beautiful about seeing your child hold his own child. Seeing him not only as an adult but as a husband and father. A dad who will love and care for his child. In much the same way we have loved and cared for him and his sisters.

When I think of what it was like for me being a first-time parent, I remember the nervousness. The anxiousness. The fear that I would somehow break my child because I’d not held many babies before then. The absolute certainty that I wouldn’t know how to take care of a child properly. The conviction that I would somehow permanently screw up any child I was given to raise.

It’s amazing what a few years and some hands-on experience can do for perspective.unnamed-1

I’m excited about Mark and Jillian being parents. About how they’ll handle the challenge of raising a son. How they’ll deal with the unexpected and unasked for issues that happen with all babies. Babies who aren’t predictable. Who certainly have no problem doing what you aren’t prepared to handle.

These two new parents will do just fine.

How can I be so sure? They’ve both been greatly loved and valued as children and now as adults. They’ve been known. They will give from full hearts what’s been given them.

We’ve all begun the same way. Coming into the world as tiny, needy babies. With different stories, varied backgrounds. All with the same needs. To be loved, known, celebrated and made to feel special and valued.

God does that for each of us. Loving us with abandon. Offering us hope in Him. Knowing us even when we choose not to know Him.

“Thank You for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous–how well I know it…How precious are Your thoughts about me, O God. They cannot be numbered! I can’t even count them; they outnumber the grains of sand!”   Psalm 139:14, 17, 18

Huck will know he’s loved. He has parents who will shower him with their appreciation for his presence in their lives.

God celebrates me with just that kind of appreciation. Because I’m His.

That makes me special. And loved.

Makes me feel like a kid again.







20 responses to “And The Name Goes On”

  1. Oh Dayle. This makes me smile. Congratulations!


    1. Thanks, Jules. This is what it will feel like for you when your first son has his own child. It really is amazing. Truly amazing.


  2. Congratulations! What great news. Enjoy it, gramma.


    1. Well, my friend, it’s definitely a time to rejoice. It makes me grin just to think that my son has a son!


  3. Congratulations, grandma! Being a grandparent is fun.


    1. Thanks for the sweet reminder, Bill. It’s definitely something that brings a smile to my face and joy in my heart!


  4. What an amazing gift! Enjoy, grandma! Makes me smile.


    1. He is a cutie, isn’t he? And Mark being a Dad just makes it unbelievable. Thanks, my friend.


  5. Couldn’t agree more with the above 4, Dayle and John! Congratulations to your Jillian and Mark [the only ones of your children we haven’t met, but KNOW of]. Thank you for the reminders of Psalm 139, as well! I better value and know HIM as Jillian and Mark value and know their SON also! Blessings!


    1. Thanks, Lois. This is just plain fun. And a reminder of the grace and goodness of God in the midst of life happening. Once again you encourage my heart.


  6. Congratulations again! It’s so much fun looking at photos of big Mark while remembering little Mark. Little Huck (leberry), you’ll be greatly loved!


    1. Isn’t it wild thinking of Mark as a child–and now having his own child? It’s so amazing to see our children parent their children. Huckleberry? Really? Just Plain Huck. JPH.


  7. Penny Gulbranson Avatar
    Penny Gulbranson

    made me smile, cry and smile again. How do you always manage that, my friend? Can’t wait to meet him and to see Mark and Jillian as parents. So exciting to think I not only got to hold Mark as a baby, but hopefully his son soon as well. Love you all so much!


    1. I can hardly wait for you to meet him. I can hardly wait to meet him. It is one big circle of life, isn’t it? Love you, too, my friend.


      1. The picture of Mark holding Huck Ryan is priceless! We are so delighted for you & John and Mark & Jillian. Looking forward to seeing all of you!


      2. Oh, my sweet friend, how kind of you to remember our son! Isn’t it incredible to think of him this way when he was with Joan Okomoto right before we left California? Who would have thought. Love you, friend.


  8. Dayle, I can see from your photos that Mark and Jillian are besotted with their new son. Besotted–what a concise verb that needs no intensifier; it immediately brings to my mind a vivid picture of how God relates to me. Thank you for telling this story.


    1. Oh, Patters, your way with words is always a blessing to my heart!


  9. There IS something special about seeing a son hold his own son! And there may be more! Our Scott has held FOUR of his sons! True gifts from God!! Of course, girls are, too. We just don’t have any granddaughters!


    1. You’ve walked this path before, Allie. How fun it is to see Mark become a father after what has been his experience at so many tough levels. To know he loves this little guy with all that he is and has. And that it will draw him closer to God.


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