When Choosing Complicates The Picture

Boxes keep showing up at the house, courtesy of FedEx and the US Post Office. You’d think someone was getting married here.

Well, someone’s getting married. Not here. Colorado. And these aren’t gifts.

They’re a plethora of potential bridesmaid dresses.

Back in the day, when John and I walked down the aisle, dresses for the bridesmaids were chosen by the bride. She knew the color palette. unnamed-2She had an idea of what she wanted everyone to look like. And all dresses would complement her.

Like backups to the lead singer. Background color.


Not so much today. At least not so much for my daughter, Courtney.

She chose a color palette of neutrals. Blush. Stone. Sage. Rose. Lavender.

Colors without much color.

Then she told everyone to find a dress they liked. In the palette.

Enter chaos and panic. Exit sanity and clear thinking. I’ve wisely kept most of my thoughts to myself.

Anything but virtual shopping proved futile. Dresses in these colors in the possibility of wedding-appropriate material didn’t exist in stores. The web became the only hope for nuptial attire.

So the boxes began to arrive. And with them the increase in possibilities.

Which only complicates choices.

unnamed-3I know that on the day of the wedding, each girl will have chosen a dress. And will feel fairly pleased with it.

The process is already looking painful.

Life choices too often reflect that challenge. So many options. Possibilities to do and be and get and become. Decisions need to be made about each of them.

There are days when I feel the choices are too much. Then it becomes very basic.

Do I get out of bed or not?

We can’t avoid choosing. We’re forced by life to make decisions daily. Some momentous. Some tedious. Some wonderful. Some questionable.

There are a few decisions that are life altering. Choices that affect our future. Our destiny.

What will I believe? Who will I follow?

The Israelites, on arriving in the Promised Land, had struggled through a wilderness experience, countless battles and much loss. Joshua knew they still struggled with following God. Choosing God. He clarified the issue by making his convictions known.

“But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your forefathers served beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”   Joshua 24:15

Choices. What and who will be the focus of my life? What convictions will I cling to that are absolutely unshakeable? Who is truly worth following?

What I give my life to is not as simple as choosing a dress. The repercussions of life choices, who and what I’ll believe, are eternal. The style of these dresses change with the seasons.

I’ve found God to be faithful. Absolute. Unchanging. Worthy and worthwhile to follow.

Who do you have the conviction to follow?

I’d suggest not going with a seasonal neutral.




12 responses to “When Choosing Complicates The Picture”

  1. Thanks for the beautiful analogy and the truth, that sometimes the enormous amount of choices overwhelm us but returning to the surrender and truth of choosing to follow the Lord can bring peace and clarity. I needed to be reminded, love to you and that beautiful family.


    1. You have such a powerful way of encouraging, Steph. Thanks that you cared enough to do it. It really helps.


  2. Humorous, personal, biblically wise. You’ve convinced me that at least for today I need to choose to serve the Lord.


    1. You make me smile, my friend. Truly. I’m grateful we’re in this boat together. It’s nice to have friends to get wet with.


  3. We’re with you Dayle, Courtney and Mike. We wouldn’t go with a seasonal neutral and follow just anybody – me and my house will follow and serve HIM. Especially when our kid [adult though he is] is named Shaun Joshua! Blessings to all [especially the wedding girl]!


    1. Thanks once again, my friend, for making my heart grateful that I’m doing this. It’s tough to always know if I’m saying anything of value.


  4. You nailed it, Dayle. I admit I sometimes settle for seasonal neutral, especially when I’m feeling insecure or don’t want to stand out or offend someone. It’s juvenile. I should be way past that. Thanks for the reminder. Keep on nudging us.


    1. You, my friend, can be juvenile with me any day you like. I think I’m making it an art form. Thanks for the encouragement!


  5. You make me laugh, commiserate and thoughtfully challenge myself all at the same time – each and every time I read a post. So glad Jessie got to see Tiffany and Ramsey the other week. Think of you and yours often!


    1. Annie, you are such an encourager! I appreciate the fact that you read this. I, too, am glad Jess got to see them. But I’m so thrilled for her to have finally arrived at her “calling” with PT. What a blessing she will be to so many!


  6. I love the way you take something ordinary (if a wedding could be called that) and turn it into the extraordinary, ,a special message from God. You are great at taking the temporal, everyday things and turning them into an eternal lesson. Thanks for sharing your gift with us!


    1. You are more than gracious, my friend. Thanks for your words of encouragement.


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