What’s That Supposed To Look Like?

I know I get embarrassed fairly easily. But this was ridiculous.

We had a leak in the garage. I needed to call the plumber.

Which meant he needed to go into the garage.

I don’t let many people go in there. I don’t like to go in there. But some things must be done.unnamed

I’m still cringing.

We haven’t housed cars in our garage in years. I’m thinking never in the nineteen years we’ve lived in this house.

When our plumber, Davy, came in, I apologized. Profusely. He was helping me move boxes out of the way to get to the water heater.

He grinned and motioned me to follow him out to his truck.

I felt so much better after seeing his movable mess.

The reality is that our garage was built with a purpose.

It wasn’t to be a holding tank for junk. Or a  storage unit for things broken or forgotten.

I was raised by parents who grew up in the Great Depression. (You say that nowadays and folks think you’re talking about a really blue period in your life.)

It was a time of not having much and valuing what you had. Nothing was wasted.

Or thrown away.

So as I grew up, Mom tended to hoard things that had been scarce when she was little.

At one time, we had twelve two-pound cans of ground coffee in our basement. Six five-pound bags of sugar. And meat that had sat in the freezer for decades unnamed-1because it had been on sale.

I’m seeing a connection here.

I actually pity my garage. It was made for better things than what I’ve done to it.

I’ve been made for better things as well.

I’m not talking about wealth and prosperity. Not fame or notoriety.

I’m talking about the kind of person I am. What’s inside. What people don’t see.

I find I often settle for getting by. Not doing my best. Cluttering my life with the junk of the world that just complicates my thinking and confuses my decisions.

A bit of a hot mess.

I don’t like seeing that in my kids. Or in my husband. I’m rather intolerant of seeing it in others I know.

So when did I get–or give myself–a pass on character and integrity?

When did it become OK to fudge on life?

It’s never been OK.

God makes it clear what my focus should be. What I should be putting into my life.

“But He’s already made it plain how to live, what to do, what God is looking for in men and women. It’s quite simple: Do what is fair and just to your neighbor, be compassionate and loyal in your love, and don’t take yourself too seriously–take God seriously.”            Micah 6:8

That’s a big order to fill–if I had to do it on my own.

With Jesus in my life, it becomes possible.

Matter of fact, if those are my goals in Him, I just might clean up really nicely.







8 responses to “What’s That Supposed To Look Like?”

  1. Oh my – you are describing me! My parents also went through the Depression. Thank you so much for the spiritual life application.


    1. There’s something about history that lends itself to observation and a better understanding of story. Wish I thought about that all the time. Thanks for the encouragement.


  2. I love your posts. They make me smile. Sometimes they make me laugh out loud. I always feel better after reading them. Thanks, friend… and don’t worry about the garage! 🙂


  3. Heck, the garage has been this way for 19 years. I don’t anticipate anything new in the near future. The grins come when I think I could actually make a difference. I walk out, look around, shake my head and return inside to my ignorant bliss.


  4. Penny Gulbranson Avatar
    Penny Gulbranson

    Well…let me just say you have nothing on a certain someone in Los Alamos whose bedroom looks like a garage and whose garage looks like like something there are no words for. Wood slices being sanded for the wedding, hockey gear, bikes of every size, color and broken down variety, and motorcycles and motorcycle gear. He also never knew that garages were for cars. 🙂 Love your post…and you!


    1. Aw, Pen, you’re marrying a messy! A loving, caring, compassionate messy. Who thinks you hung the moon. I love it–and you–and him.


  5. Alice Fredricks Avatar
    Alice Fredricks

    Gary and I laughed outloud when we read your blog tonight. Checking out the photo it looks like you are even preparing for the future..,,walker etc. 😊. The application was “right on” too! Love ya, Dayle!


    1. Allie, you always have the right words to say, and you believe the best of me. You have no idea how much that means.


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